Priyamani Musthafa wedding news actress priyamani love marriage photos

Tamil, Malayalam actress Priyamani Musthafa wedding event was held at a register office in Bangalore. this was an unexpected thing for her fans who expected a star studded marriage ceremony.

Actress Priyamani an Musthafa Raj were in love affair for past 5 years. Their love affair started during an IPL event. Mustafa was a business man and has event management company.

Register marriage photos of actress Priyamani and Mustafa Raj is now trending everywhere in social media. A grand wedding reception will bearranged for actors, actress in film industry.

Register marriage of Priyamani with Musthafa was held at register office in Jayangar in Bengaluru on 23-8-2017. Only close relatives, friends of Priyamani and Musthafa took part in this ceremony.

They decided to go for a register marriage because they were from two different religions.

Malayalam actor Baburaj Leh Ladakh photos from Bike trip

Baburaj is a Malayalam actor who has acted in comedy, villain and character roles in Mollywood movies. Baburaj Leh Ladakh photos have been shared by actor himself in Face book.

Recently in August 2017 actor Baburaj went on a bike trip to Northern part of India to border areas. Leh Ladakh is mostly used by motor bikers for adventurous ride. It is a high altitude area in India whcih is favorite place of bike riders.

This could be why actor Baburaj and team choose this location for their ride.

Baburaj leh ladakh

Actor Baburaj is husband of Malayalam actress Vani Vishwanath. Now actress Vani Vishwanath is not seen in Malayalam films. Both Vani Vishwanath and Baburaj are leading a happy life.

Muslim actress Soha Ali Khan pregnant Yoga photos are viral

These photos of actress Soha Ali Khan is not from any of her movies or modelling photo shoots. Indian actress Soha Ali Khan pregnant yoga practicing photo is now among viral trending ones.

When many people appreciated actress Soha Ali Khan for doing yoga while she is pregnant, many people came to criticize her. Doing yoga while pregnant is good for both mother and baby. But it should be done carefully. MaNy people came forward to appreciate Soha Ali khan for doing yoga exercises at this pregnant stage.

So what was reason that made many people criticize Soha Alai Khan for doing yoga.

Soha Ali Khan pregnant yoga

Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan pregnant yoga doing photo was uploaded by her in Instagram few hours back. Soha is a Muslim actress and this made many Islamic people protest that her dressing style is not good for muslim women.

They criticized that a muslim woman like Soha Ali Khan should not display her pregnant phot like this or wear such tight fitting costumes.