Aalroopangal Maya Viswanath Malayalam Movie Photos

Aalroopangal Maya Viswanath starring movie has been released and is said to be discussing a good story. Films like this have a good message but does not run successfully in movie theaters. There are movie review opinions that the malayalam movie Aalroopangal has actor Nandu and Maya Viswanath who has done justification to their characters. The lungi blouse wearing photos of malayalam actress Maya Viswanath had gone viral months before the release of this movie. But this movie Aalroopangal is just a normal movie and does not come into a glamour film category.

The lungi blouse wearing scenes of Maya Viswanath was just a normal scene and was taken during a scene in which she was doing household chores like grinding rice known as “Mavu Attu”. The traditional dress lungi blouse already has a good attention from audience of Kerala and so these photos became hit.

On 8 January 2016 the malayalam cinema Aalroopangal was released. The cast of this movie includes Maya Viswanath as the heroine and actor Nandu as the hero. The other cast of this movie Alroopangal includes actors,like Raghavan, Sudheer Karamana, Kainakari Thankaraj.  C V Premkumar is the Director of Aalroopangal movie and teh Producer is A M Naushad. The review and rating of Aalroopangal movie is updated. This film tells the story of Kanakan whose role is done by Nandu and about his wife Valsamani whose role is done by Maya Viswanath.

They live their life by running a Thattu Kada (street food shop). The changes in their life starts during a hartal day incident and is the main turning point of the movie Aalroopangal. There has been some lag in the movie and so this film without an big actors, actress is not able to compete in cinema theaters. This film discusses about the need for hartal or not in Kerala. This movie also has actress Maya Viswanath in some glamour scenes where she is wearing a lungi as after bath dress, like usual Kerala bathing attire and a thorthu as a towel for putting wet hair.

Such gorgeous performances even for a single scene in this film by actress Maya Viswanath has made lot of people look for the photo gallery of this movie and videos.

Maya Viswanath is a malayalam actress and she has acted in the main role in the new cinema Aalroopangal. Maya Viswanath Aalroopangal cinema is an excellent one which discusses about today’s problems in society and how a small family suffers in it. The performance of actress Maya Viswanath in Aalroopangal is excellent. For Kerala fans of Maya Viswanath, her appearance in lungi blouse and thorthu is gorgeous.
Earlier Swetha Menon’s photos in Rathinirvedam was spicy when she appeared in scenes of rice grinding. And now it is Maya Viswanath to do the sizzling role in Alroopangal malayalam movie where she is wearing lungi blouse and thorthu. Traditional Kerala lungi blouse was the most noticed aspect in the film Alroopangal of Kerala actress Maya Vishwanath.

Aalroopangal Maya Viswanath Photos

Thenmavin Kombil Song from Aalroopangal Movie

Aalroopangal Trailer

Actor Nandhu has done a good role in this movie and is becoming an actor who can do similar roles like Ottamandharm, Spirit.etc. where he is able to bring justification to his role, rather than the usual comedy roles he was doing in the past.

Maya Vishwanath is a malayalam actress who act in lot of movies and tv serials.

Actress Maya Vishwanath was a really gorgeous beauty and these are her pictures taken during Asianet television awards function.

Maya Vishwanath comes to stage wearing a see through plain yellow Saree and gets award from Guinness Pakru.