Actress Anju Sasi whatsapp video leaked news M80 Moosa fame Rasiya

What is recent buzz regarding Kerala serial actress Anju Sasi Whatsapp video leaked in social media. Is it a real news or gossips and what is reality behind it. This was inquired by everyone who came to know about this incident of actress Anju Sasi being involved in few controversies.

This made actress Anju sasi post a Facebook post explaining the whole incidents that happened in her life for past few days. Anju Sasi was acting in M80 Moosa serial in Media One channel. In this Malayalam comedy oriented serial Anju Sasi did role of character Rasiya (Raziya) in it.

Actress Anju Sasi whatsapp video leaked news is latest viral thing that is happening in social media. Video is being shared by everyone with caption of M80 Moosa fame Rasiya. This made actress Anju Sasi come up against this video clip that is being shared about her containing fake pictures.

Actress Anju Pandiyadath has filed a Police complaint against people who have shared her fake clip through Whatsapp. Complaint was filed by Anju Sasi at Kozhikode and she informed all her fans regarding this through a Facebook post.

Facebook post of Actress Anju Sasi whatsapp video leaked incident

M8 Mosa serial actress Anju Sasi (Rasiya fame) – Photos

Actress Anju Sasi whatsapp video Actress Anju Sasi whatsapp video leaked

Actress Anju Sasi came to know that a Whatsapp video was being shared about her. She informed it to Media One channel because few photos of her from M80 Moosa serial with channel logo was used in making this fake clip. Actress Anju Sasi filed a complaint on 28 July 2017 (28/7/2017) with Kozhikode District police Chief who has ordered investigation in this incident.

Not only persons who has uploaded this fake video will be arrested, all persons who shared it online and made it viral will also have to face case proceedings.

Cast of actors in M80 Moosa in Media one channel included Vinod Kovoor and Athul Sreeva. Along with actress Anju Sasi the most popular actress is Surabhi Lakshmi who did character of Pathumma.