South Actress Ansiba Hassan Glamour Roles Photos

Malayalam actress Ansiba has acted in few South Indian movies before she acted in malayalam film Drishyam. Ansiba Hassan glamour photos gallery taken from various movies in her career. Actress Ansiba had been glamorous in such films because she was a newcomer and was forced to do such roles to get chances. But after getting her role in malayalam cinema Drishyam she became very popular. When she was asked whether she will continue to be glamorous in movies, she replied that she is ready to act in glamour roles for good movies and if the story demands such situations.

Earlier in Kollywood Ansiba has acted in tamil movies like Punnagai Payanam, Gundai, Siva Sivaa .etc. Ansiba Hassan is a malayalam and tamil actress who has acted in various roles. The photo that we are discussing now is about the new mollywood movie Little Superman 3D in which the child artiste Deny is the hero in title role. In this cinema actress Ansiba Hassan does the role of his sister.

A photo from this new film Little Superman 3D is updated here, in which actress Ansiba Hassan is wearing a towel wrapped in hair after bath and standing next to Deny. Ansiba is now known as the Drishyam fame actress. Ansiba has acted in glamor roles in tamil movies, and in the malayalam cinema Drishyam there was a dress changing scene, which was one of the most crucial and important part of the story of the film. Malayalam actress Ansiba Hassan has done glamourous roles in tamil movies during the starting time of her movie career. She said in an interview that she was forced to give a hot photo shoot for a tamil movie, even though such scenes were not part of that movie. Ansiba Hassan became popular after acting in the malayalam cinema Drsihyam, as Mohanlal’s daughter. In Drishyam there is a glamour scene, which was an important part of that movie.

Ansiba Hassan has made it clear that if the story demands she is ready to do glamorous role. And Ansiba said that it does not mean she will be doing item songs in films. Ansiba is the malayalam beauty who was an actress of tamil and malayalam movies.

But she became recognized as an actress in molly wood through the cinema Drishyam. The film Drishyam has become the biggest blockbuster family movie released in the recent time in Mollywood.

And with the popularity of this film, actress Ansiba is also becoming a popular heroine in South India. Paranjothy is a Tamil Movie of actress Ansiba Hassan.

The film Paranjothi has been under production for few years and now it will be released in 2015. Ansiba Hassan’s spicy acting will be there in the movie Paranjothi,which was committed by her even before Drishyam.

Actress Ansiba Hassan Glamour Photos

Ansiba is a malayalam and tamil actress who acted in glamour roles and as heroine in movies.

Actress Ansiba has acted in the malayalam movie Drishyam. Photo of Ansiba Hassan dressed in skirt and tshirt looks beautiful.

Ansiba Hassan Forced To Do Photoshoot – Reveals

Actress Ansiba hassan has revealed that she was forced to do a glamourous photo-shoot in a tamil movie.

She was asked to do the role of a Sister in Mother Teresa’s convent.

And she was asked to sign the contract for acting in movie.

Ansiba later found that as per the contract she had agreed to act as glamorous.

So she was forced to dress in glamorous costumes and pose for a photo session, even though
this was not a part of the movie.

Those photos she had given are now becoming popular through internet after she acted in the malayaalm movie Drishyam.

Ansiba Hassan now fears that she will not get chances in malayalam movies if she gets stamped as a glamour girl.

Drishyam movie as Mohanlal’s daughter

Ansiba Hassan in Vinayan’s little superman movie

Ansiba Hassan is doing a role in n Vinayan’s new Malayalam cinema Little Superman 3D.

She is doing the role of sister of hero in Little superman movie.


Ansiba in Uthara Chemmeen

Ansiba Hassan Konjam Veyil Konjam Mazhai tamil movie
Ansiba Hassan Bought New Nissan Car
Actress Ansbia bought a new Nissan Car on Wednesday 9 July 2014. We can see actress Ansiba getting the car keys from the showroom. Photos of actress Ansbia with her new car looks marvelous.

Malayalam actress Ansiba Hassan became famous through the mollywood movie Drishyam.

Ansiba Hassan is the actress who did the role of Anju George in malayalam movie Drishyam as the daughter of Mohanlal (Georgekutty) in the Jeethu Joseph movie.

Ansiba Hassan is a native of Kozhikode and she made her debut in south indian movies through tamil films.

Eventhough she acted in many films in kollywood she was not familiar to audience of Kerala.

She was introduced to mollywood though Drishyam an she is waiting for more roles in malayalam movies.

Actress Ansiba Hassan has acted in glamour roles in lot of movies (Photos) and she recently revealed that she was forced to do a spicy photo session for a film eventhough such scenes were not needed for the film.

She has made this controversial revelation on how she was cheated by some movie makers in south india and her such glamour photos are now everywhere. (Read – What Ansiba Says About It)

Here are another set of hot photos of the malayalam, tamil actress Ansiba Hassan which includes her recent and old stills.