Actress Arundhati Nammal Thammil Kiss of Love Episode

Arundhati is popular to everyone through the malayalam cinema Snehaveedu (role as Rosemol) and she is also familiar in Cinema Diary program telecast in Asianet channel. Arundhati Nammal Thammil episode was one of the programs that was watched by whole Kerala.

Arundhati was presently doing her studies in Hyderabad and her name was dragged into controversies after she participated in the Kiss of Love campaign against moral policing by society. Soon her sensational Kissing Pics became viral through FB, Whtasapp.etc and a case was filed against for public kissing. But she boldly reacted against everyone who asked why she kissed by replying “It’s none of your Business”. On Sunday,14-12-2014, you can watch the Nammal Thammil episode at 10 pm. Full video has been released and you may also watch full episode of  “Nammal Thammil Kiss of Love” titled as Ullam Pollunna Ummakal.

 Arundhati B is the a malayalam anchor and actress who is a student of Hyderabad University. She likes to be a called an activist rather an actress. She and friends organized the Kiss of Love protest at Hyderabad and her kissing photos had become viral. Her talk show in Nammal Thammil episode was also a hit as she gave bold replies to women’s freedom and kissing in public and against moral policing. Arundhathi B the popular malayalam actress and anchor had decided to expose the indecent behaviour of  keralites. By publishing the screenshots of the private chat messages that she got from few malayali profiles,she has revealed how indecent people of Kerala are behaving to celebrities.

By publishing the real identity of people who indulge in making bad comments on women, Arundhati is giving the right punishment, than going the difficult route through Cyber case. Arundhati B is the bold malayalam actress from Pathanamthitta, who is now in Hyderabad doing her studies and she entered few controversies, when she publicly kissed her friend during the Kiss of love held in Hyderabad.

These comments are very bad and even men can find it difficult to digest. How can people of Kerala do such bad things and cause shame to the whole malayali people.

What Arundhati did is right, now everyone will know that these are the people who make bad comments on women. All people who know them in Facebook will react and this will be know to their friends, family.etc. This will cause real shame to the culprits who had written in such indecent language to Arundhathi B.

These are some gorgeous looking photos of Kerala anchor and actress Arundhati dressed in a sleeveless blouse and saree which are some of her hottest ones ever clicked.

What Arundhathi B has done will be a good lesson to all people who use Facebook.

Official Facebook Profile of Arundhathi B

Arundhati B Posts had post screenshots of bad messages she received in Facebook Inbox after her kiss of love protest. With her kissing photos that had became viral she had become more popular.
Actress, model Arundhati is not into acting at present. She is active in p[political movements in Hyderabad where she is studying.