Actress in Santhosh Pandit’s New Malayalam Movie

Usually the heroines of Santhosh Pandit are marvelous and ready to do glamour scenes with him. So everyone can expect some masala in the films of Santhosh Pandit. Photos of Santhosh Pandit actress from various movies in this gallery look awesome. These are a few snaps of actor Santhosh Pandit with heroines of the new malayalam movie Tintu Mon Enna Kodeesaran.

Santhosh Pandit finds his own heroines and for each of his movie there are 8 actresses. Surprisingly he does not find it difficult to find actress from Kerala to act in his films. Many times hot photos of Santhosh Pandit with gorgeous actresses in shooting locations have been released in net. All his movies run only for few days in theaters. Still he is able to earn money from his movies as they are all under Rs. 5 lakhs budget. Have you seen any malayalam movies of actor Santhosh Pandit. This is a photo taken from Santhosh Pandit’s movie Mimimolude Achan.

In this film actor Snthosh Pandit has his heroine standing with him taken from a song scene. The actress is wearing a dress like that of Shakunthala, dressed in mundu blouse like costume. In most of the movies in song scenes there is lot of graphics used in it. These are the latest stills of actresses with Santhosh Pandit in various films.


It appears that there is no lack of new models as Santhosh Pandit actress. Everyone who comes to him make use of a role in his film as a way of self promotion. Santhosh Pandit is an actor who has incredible talent in hunting down new movies. See the romantic poses of the gorgeous actress in Santhosh Pandit’s new malayalam movie.

And amazingly he succeeds in getting 8 new heroines for each of his new movies. This is the latest heroine of Santhosh Pandit.

Santhosh Pandit movies are always making profits because all his projects are at low cost of Rs.5 lakh. Most of the works concerned with a Santhosh pandit film is done by himself other than camera.
Also most actress who come to act in his film come for getting publicity rather than getting remuneration.