Actress Jyothi Krishna Wedding with Arun Anand, Actress Radhika Brother Marriage

South actress Jyothi Krishna wedding is fixed with Arun Anand who is brother of popular actress Radhika from Malayalam film idustry. Actress Jyothi krishna engagement function is held on Friday, 26th May 2017 (26/5/17) at Thrissur in her native place. Jyothi Krishna is a popular Mollywood actress who has acted in Malayalam films like Life of Josutty, God For Sale, Aami .etc. Jyothi Krishna has done lot of films in Mollywood films.

Malayalam film actress Jyothi Krishna marriage date is on 11th November 2017 at Thrissur. Engagement function of actress was conducted as a big event. Photo gallery of engagement function of Jyothi Krishna – Arun Anad were trending in social media. Malayalam actress Radhika who is known as Classmates fame heroine is sister in law of Jyothi Krishna. Radhika’s own brother Arun Anad is marrying Jyothi Krishna. Engagement of actress Jyothi Krishna and Arun Anad was done on 26-5-2017 at Thrissur. Engagement photos of actress Jyothi Krishna with Arun Anand is included along with photos of Class Mates fame Radhika and her husband.

Kerala actress Jyothi Krishna wedding decision comes as a sudden decision for audience who liked her very much. Will actress Jyothi Krishna continue acting in Malayalam movies after marriage is a big question. Jyothi Krishna is presently hosting a Television show ‘Laughing Villa Season 2’ in Surya Tv. Jyothi Krishna is an actress capable of doing glamour roles in movies. Her Malayalam films like God For Sale Bhakti Prasthanam starring Kunchakko Boban and Life of Josutty with actor Dileep are her best ones in career.

Engagement and wedding, marriage reception functions of actress Jyothi Krishna – Arun Anand will be attended by all Malayalam actors, actress. This will be a great event in Mollywood news columns. Name of Jyothi Krishna’s husband is Arun Ananda Rajan.

At present Arun Anand is working at Dubai in Flora Hospitality in Sales – Marketing wing. After actress Jyothi Krishna wedding both of them may be relocating to Dubai.

Malayalam actress jyothi krishna wedding stills

Wedding date of Jyothi Krishna – Arun Anand is on Sunday, 19 November 2017. Photographs of marriage and wedding reception will be included after the function.

Engagement Album of actress Jyothi Krishna – Arun Anand

actress jyothi krishna wedding

Will Jyothi Krishna continue acting in movies or TV shows is not known. If actress Jyothi Krishna leaved Film industry for ever after wedding like most kerala actresses then it will be a great loss to Mollywood audience. Actress Jyothi Krishna herself announced her wedding news in Face Book. Jyothi Krishna told about her wedding only few days before her engagement.

Kerala celebrity actress Jyothi Krishna Filmography included popular movies like God For Sale, Moonam Nal Njayarazhcha, Last bench, Lisammayude Veedu, Life of Josutty, Njaan.