Om Shanthi Oshana Movie Cast Actress Names, Characters Photos

The name of Malayalam actress who does the role of Anna Maria in the movie Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is not known at present. Anna Maria acts as the friend of Pooja (Nazriya Nazim) in the college and is also her room mate. Photos of actress Oshein Mertil as Dona in the cinema Om Shanthi Oshaana is updated.

The character Anna Maria is decrbed by Nazriya as an A class Christian and later in the climax we find that she is in love with Prasad Varkey (Vineeth Sreenvasan). Actress Nikki Galrani acts in the role of Thennal K Warrier in the malayalam movie Ohm Shanthi Oshaana. In the cinema Om Shanthi Oshana , the role of Thennal K Warrier (Nikki) is mistaken by Nazriya (Pooja) as lover of Nivin Pauly (Giri).

Malayalam movie, serial actress Manju Sathish (Manju Satheesh) acts in the role of Annie Teacher in Ohm Shanthi Oshana. Manju Satish is acting as Pooja’s (Nazriya) mother’s in the malayalam cinema Om Shanthi Oshaana. The role of character Sreelakshmi is very important in the malayalam movie Ohm Shanthi Oshana. In tis movie the role of Sreelakshmy was done by actress Nimisha Suresh. Nimisha Suresh does the role of Nazriya’s friend and neighbor and in the climax we can see that Kanjani (Aju Varghese) is in love with her and at last marries her. Malayalam actress Poojitha Ravindran does the role of Julie in the mollywood blockbuster romantic movie Ohm Shanthi Oshana. In the film Om Shanthi Oshaana actress Poojitha Raveendran acts as Nazriya’s cousin whose marriage is highlighted in the beginning of the movie.

Later we can see that Julie had cheated Giri (Nivin Pauly) and marries another man.

The character of Dona in the malayalam movie Ohm Shanthi Oshana is presented by the actress Oshein Mertil. Oshein Mertil does the role of Pooja’s friend (Nazriya) in this cinema.

And nobody can forget the fat Dona who is always fond of eating throughout this movie.

Actress Anna Maria Ohm Shanthi Oshaana Photos

Manju Sathish as Annie Nazriya’s Mother Om Shanthi Oshana
Actress Oshein Mertil as Dona Om Shanthi Oshana
Nimisha Suresh as Sreelakshmi Ohm Shanthi Oshana
Actress Nikki Galrani as Thennal K Warrier Om Shanthi Oshana
Poojitha Ravindran as Julie Ohm Shanthi Oshana

Lot of new actresses got chance to act in Director Jude Anthony’s movie Ohm Shanthi Oshana.

Through role in this blockbuster film in box office many of these actress got good chances in films like Akshaya Premnath.