Actress Surabhi Lakshmi Divorce National award winner Surabhi family

National award winner actress Surabhi Lakshmi divorce happened in July 2017. She and her husband decided to end their 2 and half year long marriage relation by divorce through mutual consent. Name of actress Surabhi Lakshmi’s husband is Vipin Sudhakar. Malayalam cinema actress Surabhi Lakshmi divorce from Vipin Sudhakar was done in a friendly manner.

Both Surabhi Lakshmi and Vipin Sudhakar took a selfie after divorce and parted ways. Surabhi Lakshmi’s husband Vipin Sudhakar made a Facebook post that they have decided to get divorced. They will continue as good friends and have separated based on mutual consent as they are not interested in living together as husband and wife.

Kerala actress Surabhi Lakshmi divorce has shocked all her fans because none of them expected it. After she won National award in 2017 for Best actress in India for acting in Minnaminungu movie, every one inquired about her husband. On looking at her details everyone found out her marriage photos with husband Vipin Sudhakar.

They do not have any children in this marriage relation in past 3 years. What could be reason that actress Surabhi Lakshmi decided to get separated from Vipin Sudhakar is unknown.

Actress Surabhi Lakshmi and Vipin Sudhakar had a love marriage, so it’s very unexpected by every one that they will get divorced.

Actress Surabhi Lakshmi Divorce

Surabhi Lakshmi is a talented Malayalam actress from a place called Narikkuni in Kozhikode district. Her way of presentation of dialogues and slang used in Narikkuni area helped to get her noticed among other artistes.

In Malayalam Television serial M80 Moosa in Media one channel she acted with actor Vinod Kovoor who did role of Moosa.

Other than acting in TV serials, actress Surabhi Lakshmi also acted in around 50 movies in Mollywood.