Actress Teenu as Chinese Woman in Om Shanthi Oshaana Movie

In the malayalam cinema Om Santhi Oshana there is a scene in which Nazriya dreams that Nivin Pauly is in China with his Chinese wife. Chinese Woman Om Shanthi Oshaana movie sequence was one of the things which made everyone laugh. This scene was so funny that everyone enjoyed it. Have you thought who was the actress who did this role.

It was Teenu a new actress and this was revealed by Director Jude Anthany Joseph in his Facebook post, which was as follows, “Lead actresses should learn from her. The dedication and will power. Thanks to Leena chechi (Producer’s wife) who introduced her to Malayalam Cinema. Long way to go.” Her name is “Teenu”. She is working in a beauty parlor in Cochin.” Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is one of the most entertaining love stories released. This is surely a good film to watch on Valenytines days and shows powerful love.

Actress Nazriya Naim was heroine of this movie with Nivin Pauly as hero. It was her first time before camera. I was stunned by her performance. All shots were first take ok shots. And she only dubbed for her and to my surprise she sang the Chinese lullaby too. Hats off Teenu. Extra actress like this some times come and surprise everyone. How an artiste performs in a scene is important, rather the length of the role.