Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen

Ansiba Hassan is heroine of Malayalam movie Uthara Chemmeen released after her successful film Drishyam. In movie Uthara Chemmeen actress Ansiba Hassan acted very glamorously in traditional dress. Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen movie stills look very spicy.

In Uthara Chemmeen movie actress Ansiba Hassan acted wearing mundu blouse and lungi blouse which made her look very gorgeous.

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Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen mundu blouse

Actress Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen role has made her a glamnour actress. In this film story was about happenings in a sea shore area in Kerala among fishermen families. This was why actress Ansiba Hassan acted wearing lungi blouse and mundu blouse in this movie.