Anu Joseph Accident Malayalam Serial Actress

Anu Joseph is a popular malayalam tv serial actress . From 1 April 2015 a news is spreading that actress Anu Joseph had died in an accident. Later it was confirmed by the actress Anu Joseph itself that it was a prank by someone who had done it as an April Fool joke. The fake news of Anu Joseph had spread fastly through Whatsapp and Facebook.

Anu Joseph said that from Thursday, 2 April 2015, she was getting lot of phone calls from friends, co-workers who have heard about her news. Anu Joseph is shocked and tired of replying to phone calls. She said she does not know why such a news was created by someone against her. Any way we have to wait and see whether the “Karyam Nissaram” serial fame Anu Joseph will take this as simple or serious. Anu Joseph is an actress from Kasargod in Kerala and she is aged 36 years (Birth year 1978) and she is now staying at Ernakulam for acting in tv serials.

Anu Joseph is a popular Kerala film, serial artiste who tries to make all her characters memorable. The fake news that Anu Joseph accident happened was shocking to everyone. Later Anu Joseph came up with a smile saying that she is alive. Anu Joseph is popular through serials like Minnukettu (Surya TV), Karyam Nissaram (Kairali), Oridathoridathu (Asianet Plus), Makalude Amma, Aalilathaali, Snehachandrika.

Anu Joseph is now one best actress in Kerala who is doing good characters in serials. Kairali tv channel’s comedy oriented serial Karyam Nissaram is one of her best one’s in career.

Malayalam Actress Anu Joseph news

 In malayalam movie Vellimoonga actress Anu Joseph acted as Biju Menon’s sister. Through this character she received good attention from audience that put her to fame.