Arundhati B photos Kiss Of Love fame anchor actress Arundhati stills

Malayalam anchor Arundhati B photos became popular after she started participating in student movements and protests like Kiss of Love. Recently Arindhati shared her mundu neriyathu (set sari) wearing photos during Onam 2017 occasion. She wrote about importance of traditional dress like munduand set saree in life of Kerala women.

Arundhathi B is also a Malayalam actress from Kerala who is at present staying and studying at Hyderabad. Arundhati B Photos from Kiss of Love protest has been viral in social media. With the arrest of Reshmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan the bad times of Arundhati B has again started. Even though Arundhathi has no connection to Reshmi Nair, many harsh comments are being posted in her profile and lot of people are making fun in the name of Kiss of Love. Arundhathi became fed up making replies and she at last came to media and said that Resmi R Nair getting arrested in an online racket does not mean that all people in Kiss of Love protests are like this.

Even though an year has passed since Kiss of Love she is still dragged into such discussions. It’s because Arundhati B dialogues in television channels regarding Kiss Of Love movement was very bold and it created lot of fans and at the same time many enemies. Arundhati B Photos in her Official Facebook account is always very attractive and some times she posts disgusting style profiles which makes people criticize her. Recently she updated her photo to that of a model who has showed off against ISIS and this made people criticize her for posting such snaps. This is an exclusive photo of malayalam anchor and actress Arundhathi Nair. The anchor Arundhathi became popular after she participated in the Kiss of Love held in Hyderabad.

This is an Exclusive photo of Arundhathi wearing a saree and blouse in her very attractive looks.


Actress, Anchor Arundhati B Photos

Spicy saree and sleeveless blouse photo of Arundhathi is already a great crowd puller for the south indian audience to which she is popular through movies and tv shows.

At the same time hundreds and thousands of people come online to watch Arundhati B Photos. This is because they like to see her hot snaps in dark night, but criticize her in day light.

Resmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan case is the main problem faced by Kiss of Love Movement and the organizers conducted a Press meeting saying that Kiss of Love has no connection to the online racket.

Resmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan tried to make use of it for wrong things and gather attention of people for conducting their illegal-business affairs.

It’s true that the problems created by Resmi Nair and gang is haunting Arundhati B and other even though they have no connection to it.