Asianet comedy stars artiste Surya Vinod Female dress

In the Asianet Comedy Awards 2015 the Asianet comedy stars program artiste Surya Vinod who does female roles has won an award. Surya was given a special Jury award in the First Asianet Comedy Awards 2015 that was telecast on 29/11/2015. Surya Vinod Female roles in comedy skits is really superb and he has been succesfull in doing great roles.

Surya Vinod also acted in a malayalam movie. Comedy Stars was one of the most popular reality shows in Kerala television channel. And for this Surya Vinod has won the award. Actor Surya Vinod is very popular through his glamour performances as female. Surya is also a malayalam cinema actor. Surya is also doing character roles of supporting in comedy star skits.  See collection of photos of Surya in ladies costume for his programs. Recently it was known that Surya Vinod is not just an artiste who does female roles, but is also living like a woman. It was also revealed recently in a magazine interview that Surya Vinod has been married for past few years with another male and living happily. Surya Vinod Female is a transgender artiste in Kerala and is also planning to do gender change surgery. Surya Vinod is a Cross Dresser from Kerala.

In most of the skit shows in comedy programs Surya Vinod is very popular. These are few fashion show photos of cross dressers from South India. Surya vinod is a cross dresser in Kerala who is popular to everyone through the comedy show in Asianet channels. In Comedy Stars Surya is doing supporting roles and also does dressing of women in supporting cast.

Surya Vinod looks more spicy than actresses, when he dresses in saree mundu or set saree blouse.etc. due to perfection.

The mundu blouse wearing pictures of Surya Vinod among his various characters in stage is most glamorous. Usually in comedy shows it is highlight of the program.

Surya Vinod is a malayalam actor who is popular as a cross dresser in malayalam programs in Kerala.

Surya Vinod Female Artiste Dress Photos

These are some rare snaps of Soorya Vinod in Muslim traditional dresses like Pardha, Mundu Blouse Thattam.

Surya Vinod is a male from Kerala who dresses as female in saree and blouse.

Saree Photos of Surya Vinod looks really gorgeous.

These are some photos of Surya Vinod and friends taken during programs.

Mundu Blouse is the most beautiful and traditional dress in which the actor Soorya Vinod looks gorgeous.Surya Vinod is a male artiste from Kerala who looks hot when dressed as a female.Surya Vinod is an amazing actor who looks beautiful than women when dressed in female clothes.