Mundu blouse stills

Mundu blouse is used commonly in Malayalam movies. This gallery has lot of traditional photos of south indian actress in various movies based on situations of the story.

jyothi krishna in lungi

Mundu blouse is a common dress used from years back to now without much changes.


How to wear kerala settu mundu step by step tutorial video set saree drape by step

Wearing Kerala set saree or mundu neriyathu is many times a nightmare for women who are not familiar in using it. This is a traditional dress of Kerala which is commonly used by Malayali or Kerala women during viit to temple or for cultural program. New generation women of Kerala or Malayali’s who are settled abroad are not abel to drape set saree or setu mundu easily. This is when video guides on How to wear Kerala settu mundu step by step becomes useful to them.

Many women video bloggers have uploaded their tutorial videos explaining in detailed regarding how to correctly drape a set saree or mundu in Kerala style. Most women nowadays are unaware of how to wear a saree in Kerala style. this is why they have to depend on how to wear kerala settu mundu step by step guides which are now common in Youtube platforms.

We have come across a few best video guides that will help in you in detailed step by step on how to wear it with perfection.

Tutorial videos on How to wear kerala settu mundu step by step

  • Mundu Neriyathu wearing in Settu mundu style

  • Draping Kerala set saree and mundu

How to wear kerala settu mundu step by step

Kerala saree tutorial video

Namboothiri style saree draping video

Hope you are all clear on how to wear a saree or settu mundu in Kerala style. Enjoy traditional sari wearing in Kerala style for your occasion and see how much it’s comfortable and convenient for you.


Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen

Ansiba Hassan is heroine of Malayalam movie Uthara Chemmeen released after her successful film Drishyam. In movie Uthara Chemmeen actress Ansiba Hassan acted very glamorously in traditional dress. Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen movie stills look very spicy.

In Uthara Chemmeen movie actress Ansiba Hassan acted wearing mundu blouse and lungi blouse which made her look very gorgeous.

Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen lungi blouse ansiba hassan lungi mundu blouse photos uthara chemmeen

Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen mundu blouse

Actress Ansiba Uthara Chemmeen role has made her a glamnour actress. In this film story was about happenings in a sea shore area in Kerala among fishermen families. This was why actress Ansiba Hassan acted wearing lungi blouse and mundu blouse in this movie.