Charlie Malayalam Movie Climax – How Dulquer Took Selfie

Charlie is one of the successful movies of  Dulquer Salmaan in Mollywood. Charlie Malayalam Movie Climax scene has created lot of doubts among the audience. Can anyone who watched this movie give an explanation to it. This post is not meant to be a spoiler review and as this movie has released few weeks before and most of the people have watched it, a discussion regarding the climax scene of Charlie movie is justifiable.

The Moollywood movie Charlie has cast like Dulquer Salmaan, Parvathy, Aparna Gopinath, Chemban Vinod, Soubin Shahir, Seetha in the lead roles. The Charlie Malayalam Movie has attractive songs like Chundari Penne, Oru Kari Mukilinu, Pularikalo in it. Martin Prakkat is Director of the movie Charlie and actor Joju George is one of the producers. This film was produced under the banner Finding Cinema.

Charlie Malayalam Movie Climax Doubts – After the seeing the climax of Malayalam cinema Charlie many people were impressed. But like many others, i have some doubts which require an explanation from those who have watched this movie. How does Dulquer Salmaan in his character Charlie take the selfie with Parvathy Menon as Tessa. The climax of this movie Charlie has Dulquer posing with Parvathy (Tessa).

In the first half, in the introduction scene we can see Tessa (Parvathy Menon) dressed in traditional Margam Kali dress of Chattayum Mundum gets a lift from a bike rider, who is apparently Charlie.

Through this selfie shown in the climax, it is meaning that Charlie knows Tesa well before and this was not his first meeting with her. Then why Tessa cannot remember him.

Climax Charlie Malayalam Movie Dulquer Salmaan Parvathy nair

This is the biggest doubt regarding the Charlie movie. Do you have any explanation to it.

Only one wide guess is that Charlie is a magician and he has hypnotized Tessa (Parvathy Menon) and took the selfie without her knowledge. In the climax selfie we can see that both Charlie and Tessa is looking at the camera. So it was not taken unknowingly.

If you too thought about this climax problem, then give your thoughts.

Charlie Malayalam Movie Climax - How Dulquer Took Selfie

Charlie Malayalam Movie Climax Selfie

Chattayum Mundum Wearing Parvathy Menon photos in Charlie

Chattayum Mundum wearing Parvathy Menon Charlie Movie

The cinema Charlie is a Christmas release movie and still it is running House-full shows in theaters. This movie had actor Dulquer Salmaan showing many of the styles of Mohanlal.