Dileep Kavya New Photos at Dileep Show 2017 with Kavya Madhavan

Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan has almost disappeared after her second marriage with actor Dileep in November 2016. Photos of this celebrity couple was seen only in few situations during her visit to her house in Neeleshwaram and on her honeymoon trip to Dubai. Other than this there was no information regarding her whereabouts after wedding. Bringing happiness to all Kavya Madhavan fans latest photos of her started coming out in April – May 2017. Dileep Kavya new photos were as part of their arrival at United States of America in April 2017.

Actor Dileep and his wife, actress Kavya Madhavan participated with him in Dileep Show 2017. This stage program has ben scheduled at around 20 places in USA, Canada. Unlike other programs of actors, actress there has been huge demand and run for Dileep Show 2017. It’s because of come back of Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan to dance and stage shows. After her first marriage and divorce Kavya Madhavan has restricted herself from being involved in lot of public appearances. She was seen often here and there in award functions, inaugurations. After gossips of Kavya Madhavan – Dileep started she kept away from most events.

This caused huge loss to Kavya Madhavan fans who were expecting good dance shows, performances by her. Arrival of Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan to participate in Dileep Show 2017 is a great exciting news to all Malayalee fans abroad in USA, Canada. Many other stage artistes, singers, actors, actress came with Dileep and Kavya Madhavan to this show in USA and Canada. Singer Rimi Tomy, actress Namitha Pramod, actors Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Jaffer Idukki are few of them.

Nadirshah is Director of Dileep Show 2017. Before Dileep’s team arrived in America, there were gossips that Dileep show 2017 will be cancelled. There was also call by many people to boycott this show of Dileep. When actor Dileep conducted a press meet at USA regarding his programs there was huge response to it. Surprisingly pre-booking for all shows of Dileep team in USA, Canada sold out completely.

Dileep has been accused by people that he is not brining Kavya Madhavan outside to act in films and is causing a break in her movie career. Dileep said that he is not restricting any such thing and informed all that Kavya Madhavan will be doing dance performances at Dileep Show 2017.

Dileep Kavya New Photos at Dileep Show 2017

So after a long time we present all latest photos of actress Kavya Madhavan, actor Dileep coming together for a stage performance “Dileep Show 2017”.

dileep kavya new photos

Video of Kavya Madhavan – Dileep at USA, Canada

Meenakshi is daughter of Dileep in his marriage with actress Manju Warrier. Kavya Madhavan will be a mother to Meenakshi. Few months back there were gossips that there were problems, issues between Meenakshi and Kaya Madhavan. Later it was proved to be a false news when Kavya Madhavan and family came to Meenakshi birthday party.

Dileep is a popular malayalam actor who has been criticized by every one for divorcing first wife Manju Warrier. He was even more criticized when he did second marriage with actress Kavya Madhavan. Mollywood’s ‘Janapriya Nayakan’ Dileep justified his situation by saying that he had real reasons to divorce Manju Warrier.