Dini Daniel Lungi Blouse Malayalam Serial Actress Photos

Dini Daniel is a malayalam tv serial actress who has done roles in lot of serials in malayalam channels. Usually she appeared in modern roles and in police uniforms in serials. Dini Daniel Lungi Blouse wearing photos have been viral in social media. She posted these photos taken from a film location, in which she looks traditionally attractive.

Dini Daniel in lungi blouse and thorthu dress was posted as part of Labor Day on May 1st and she received thousands of likes for these snaps. Dini Daniel has also acted in many roles in Mollywood movies in small guest roles or of less importance.Seeing the lungi blouse snaps of her posted in Facebook all her followers and and became started. She looked gorgeous in this costume. Photos of Malayalam serial actress Dini Daniel dressed in lungi and blouse is awesome hot.  Recently on 1ST May 2016 on Loka Thozhilali Dinam she posted few photos of her dressed in common traditional dress of Lungi Blouse with a white thorthu.

Full name of this actress is Dini Elizabeth Daniel and she acted in a bunch of serials in channels. There are lot of fans for lungi blouse costumes of Kerala actress. In Sri Lanka also there is a costume similar to lungi blouse which is common wrap around for ladies. Traditional village movies of Srilanka has actress wearing sarong like costumes which makes them look like Keralites’.

Dini Daniel is a new actress who is getting popular in Malayalam Television serials and movies through small roles.

In film malayalam cinema Swarnam, actress Praveena looks gorgeous with actor Kalabhavan Mani.

This is a comedy scene from the malayalam movie Players.These are photos of an unknown gorgeous extra actress from this movie.This actress is dressed in lungi and blouse and looking attractive in this scene.

Kolilakkam Movie KR Vijaya Lungi Blouse Photos

Kolilakkam is a malayalam movie which has KR Vijaya and Madhu in it ,with a long line of famous actors, actress.

In the film Kolilakkam actress KR Vijaya looks really gorgeous wearing lungi, blouse, thorthu dress.

The fat looking south indian actress KR Vijaya in mallu lungi blouse is really spicy for those who like old movies and actresses.   

Subha Old Mallu Actress Lungi Blouse Photos

Subha is an old malayalam actress who is famous for her masala roles in evergreen movies in mollywood.

Actress Subha always looks attractive when wearing traditional village dress like mundu or lungi blouse.

Subha is a dark skin colored beauty in movies and this is a photo gallery of the actress Subha from an old mallu movie.

Lungi blouse wearing photos of actress Subha looks gorgeous in this gallery.

Praveena lungi blouse thorthu Swarnam movie
Swarnam is a new malayalam movie with actress Praveena in the leading role.

Photos of actress Praveena in the leading role with Kalabhavan Mani is great.

The lungi blouse and thorthu wearing photos of actress Praveena from the cinema Swarnam is looking very attractive.

Manju Pillai Lungi Blouse Dress Photo

This is one of the most famous photo of actress Manju Pillai which has been seen by thousands of people.

Actress Manju Pillai is acting in a drama and in this scene she is wearing a lungi blouse and thorthu which makes her look like a traditional malayali woman.