Kalyana Sougandhikam Mridula Vijay Actress in Arya Role

Mridula Vijay is a malayalam television serial actress who is acting in Kalyana Sougandhikam in Asianet channel. Kalyana Sougandhikam Mridula Vijay role is as Arya, who is doing the main role in this serial. Kalyana Sougandhikam serial started telecasting from 3 August 2015 in Asianet and is now one of the popular television serials in malayalam.Dr.S Janardhanan is the Director of Kalyana Sougandhikam serial in Asianet channel and it has become a Janapriya parambara in this channel.

Now regarding the telecast times of the serial Kalyana Sougandhikam, it is on Monday to Friday from 6.30 pm to 7 pm. In the serial Kalyana Sougandhikam the main roles are done by Neethu Thomas and Mridula Vijay.

Actress Mridula Vijay has appeared in the role of Arya who is affected by a disease, due to her marriage fixed with her father’s friends son got spoiled. This leads her to get marry with another person and such situations change the life of Arya (Mridula Vijay).

Kalyana Sougandhikam Mridula Vijay

Serial actress Mridula Vijay is a malayalam actress and model who has started acting in the tv serials and she earlier acted in various serials. The other interesting characters in Kalyana Sougandhikam serial are Sreebala, Ajayan, Murali. Actress Mridula Vijay acted in the role of Arya.

The other cast and their roles in the Kalyana Sougandhikam serial are Arun Mohan (Mohanan), Neethu Thomas (Sreebala), Divya Prabha (Uthara), Sanjeev M Pillai (Ajayan), Kiran Iyer (Murali).