Kerala Actress Kavya Madhavan Arrest Latest News on Dileep’s second wife

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan arrest may happen anytime is the latest breaking news about Mollywood film industry. For past many days Malayalam movie actors and actress seem to be surprising everyone with incidents connecting them to criminal activities. Mollywood movie industry is getting dangerous with involvement of goondas and other illegal activities which spoils good name of Malayalam films.

On 31 July 2017 there are news reports that Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan will be arrested soon. Few days back Police went to house of Kavya Madhavan at AAluvaa to get more information regarding actress attack case. She denied every information connecting her to Pulsar Suni or this case. Actress Kavya Madhavan made a statement that she does not know anything related to Pulsar Suni and that she is seeing him for first time in newspapers and tv channels.

On further investigation Police found that this statement made by actress Kavya Madhavan was a big lie. Police got information that Pulsar Suni (Suni Kumar) worked as car driver of Kavya Madhavan for 2 months. This was based on statement made by Sunil Kumar to Police. Later it was confirmed that Pulsar Suni was driver of actress Kavya Madhavan during shooting of Malayalam movie ‘Pinneyum’.Director of Kerala movie ‘Pinneyum’ was Adoor Gopalakrishnan and hero of this movie was actor Dileep. This was last movie done by actor Dileep and actress Kavya Madhavan before getting married. Now this film itself has evidences connecting Kavya Madhavan and Pulsar Suni.

If he worked as driver with Kavya Madhavan, then she would surely recognize and knew him before incident of actress attack itself. Police are investigating about what made actress Kavya Madhavan deny that she does not know Pulsar Suni before. This statement by Kavya Madhavan is main evidence against her that she knew about conspiracy in actress attack case.

Kavya Madhavan arrest news – കാവ്യാ മാധവന്‍ അറസ്റ്റ് 2017

All people of Kerala are eagerly waiting to know whether actress Kavya Madhavan (കാവ്യാ മാധവന്‍) will get arrested in connection of actress attack case or not.

Kavya Madhavan is a homely actress from Kerala who has looks of a typical Malayali beauty. No one expects that an innocent face actress from Neeleshwaram village in Kerala has involvement in a criminal conspiracy for attack on actress Bhavana.

Actress Kavya Madhavan arrest

Manorama News about Kavya Madhavan in actress attack case

Kavya Madhavan arrest kerala actress

This same mistake was told by Dileep also, hen he said to Police that he did not know Pulsar Suni. Later a selfie showing that Pulsar Suni was in shooting location of Georgettan’s Pooram movie trapped Dileep and led to his arrest. In same way Kavya Madhavan’s reply that she does not even known Pulsar Suni is surely going to give trouble for her.

Questioning of Dileep’s manager Appunni will be done first. Based on statements given by him, Police will investigate further about Kavya’s connections to this case. Is Kavya Madhavan the real ‘Madam’ mentioned by Sunil Kumar is now investigated by Police. Celebrities like Idavela Babu, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Siddique, Rimi Tomy were questioned or will be questioned regarding this case to get more information.

There had been news that actor Dileep is trying to put all blame on himself and save Kavya Madhavan from this case. But Police is determined to find out real masterminds behind this conspiracy on actress attack case.

Actress Kavya Madhavan is owner of shop Lakshyah in which her mother Shyamala Madhavan is also involved. CCTV visuals of Kavya’s shop at Kakkanad was searched by police to get memory card which Sunil Kumar gave to staff in this shop. There was evidence that Rs.2,50,000 was given as payment to Pulsar Suni and reason for giving this money to him is also investigated.

As actress Kavya Madhavan has not properly answered to many questions asked by Police, there are chances that she will be questioned again. Actress Kavya Madhavan arrest may be made if evidences are against her.