Malayalam Actress Kavya Madhavan Wedding with Actor Dileep on 25-11-2016

Malayalam Actress Kavya Madhavan Dileep wedding was held on 25th November 2016. Dileep’s mother, daughter Meenakshi, close friends like Nadirshah, Jayaram, Mammootty, Siddique took part in this wedding ceremony. Along with it Kavya Madhavan’s friends like Jomol, Meera Jasmine .etc. also attended this marriage held on 25-11-2016. Wedding venue for celebrity marriage of Dileep – Kavya was at Vedanta Hotel in Kaloor in Kochi.

This was second wedding for both Kavya Madhavan and Dileep who divorced their partners few years back. There were rumors that break up in marriage life of Dileep happened with his friendship with Kavya Madhavan. These were considered as gossips till now by audience. But now people of Kerala are trying to dig up answers to many of their questions. Till now actress Manju Warrier was criticized for divorce with Dileep. Everyone thought that decision of actress Manju Warrier to come back to dance and acting was reason for difference of opinions between them. But recent developments like second marriage of Dileep with Kavya Madhavan shows that actress Manju Warrier is innocent.

Problems between them developed due to relation of Dileep and Kavyamadhavan. All marriage news till now was waved off by them saying that it was just a gossip. In an interview in Vanitha magazine Dileep had revealed that he may get married based on his daughter Meenakshi’s likes. At that time he said that Kavya Madhavan was a good friend of his and there was nothing more than that. On getting married with Kavya Madhavan he contacted father and mother of Kavya Madhavan to get their permission to marry her.

Based on decision by both families Dileep decided to get married to Kavya Madhavan. Because their marriage was a very sensitive one and considering lot of fans for both of them, they decided to keep wedding date a secret.

Inviting close friends to wedding was done by telling them to come for pooja function of a new Malayalam movie. Only after reaching wedding venue, most people realized fact that Kavya Madhavan Dileep wedding is going to happen.

Super star Mammooty has invited both Kavya and Dileep for a grand reception at his house. After this Dileep will go on his honeymoon trip. All arrangements for it has been made and Honey moon of Dileep – Kavya Madhavan will be at Dubai.

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After wedding of Dileep – Kavya happened on 25th November 2016 morning between 9.30-10.00 am, everyone’s attention turned to Manju Warrier.

Actress Manju Warrier is first wife of Dileep and they got divorced in 2015 after 17 years of married life.

Manju Warrier was away for shooting of a malayalam film Saira Bhanu when her first husband Dileep was marrying Kavya Madhavan. Most news channels in Kerala tried to contact Manju warrier to know her response regarding Dileep’s wedding.

Manju Warrier tried to stay away from media and phone calls as she was not interested in talking about this subject.

After Dileep got married to actress Kavya Madhavan, public support is showering towards Manju Warrier. People are sending sympathetic and supporting messages to Manju Warrier after knowing this.

Everyone who criticized Manju Warrier for divorce from Dileep is now supporting her and saying that what she did is right.