Malayalam Actor Suresh Gopi’s Lelam 2 Kerala Movie Cast, Photos, Trailer, News

What is release date of Lelam 2 Malayalam Movie, it’s confirmed that it’s a 2017 release. Second part of Lelam movie is now most discussed Mollywood news after announcement of Raja 2 which is second part of Pokkiri Raja. Apart from these movies there are lot of big budget movies planed for release this year. First part of Lelam movie which was released in 1997 was an all time super hit for Suresh Gopi. Characters played by Suresh Gopi as Anakkattil Chackochi and MG Soman in role of Anakkattil Eapachen are most poplar even now.

Lelam movie was a break through film for Suresh Gopi in his career in Mollywood cinema. Now with Lelam 2 malayalam movie which is going to be released in 2017 we can expect actor Suresh Gopi to come back again. Role of Chackochi in Lelam movie is that of a powerful character with action scenes, dialogues .etc. Last day social media was happy to hear news of Raja 2 of Mammootty coming up. Now they are even more happy to know about Aanakkattil Chackochi coming back to them through Lelam 2 Malayalam movie. But characters that every one will miss in Lelam 2 malayalAm movie is that done by MG Soman.

Powerful dialogue delivery done by MG Soman in Lelam movie is one of the biggest things for it’s success. MG Soman is remembered more than Suresh Gopi when everyone thinks about film Lelam. So biggest responsibility that script writer and director has is to make Suresh Gopi’s role a powerful one in second part. When Lelam 2 is coming back after 10 years of it’s initial release theer are lot of changes in cast and crew. Director Joshiy has directed Lelam, while Lelam 2 is done by Director Nithin Renji Panicker.

This is greatest difference, but story and screen play of both Lelam 1 and Lelam 2 is done by Renji Panicker. There will be a change in most cats of actors, actress other than Suresh Gopi.

So we can wait and see what happens when Renji Panicker’s story is directed by his son Nithin Renji Panicker. Nithin had earlier directed movie Kasaba with Mammootty in role of a Police officer which had been an average hit in box office.

In first part of this film we are seeing that Suresh Gopi is love with Gowri Parvathi whose role is done by actress Nandhini. Will Nandhini be shown in Lelam 2 or will any other actress be cast in this role we have to wait and see.

Lelam 2 Malayalam Movie Review, Stills, Cast

Lelam 2 Movie Trailer

This is trailer of first part. Trailer of second part of Lelam movie will be updated soon.

Lelam 2 Malayalam Movie Review Cast

Nithin Renji Panicker

Director Nithin Renji Panicker got married in 2016 after success of his movie Kasaba.

Nithin Renji Panicker family photo

Nithin Renji Panicker wife name is Teny John

Actor Suresh Gopi is now focused more in politics. So we do not know when will Lelam 2 be released.

There are news reports that Lelam 2 has been officially confirmed and shooting will begin soon. It it’s the case we can expect that Lelam 2 movie will be released in 2017 itself.