Kerala Celebrities Lungi Blouse Traditional Photos in Malayalam Cinemas

Dini Daniel is a malayalam tv serial and film artiste who has acted in lot of characters. Lungi Blouse Malayalam Actress photos are always of greater demand by traditional dress lovers in Kerala. Actress Dini Daniel profile, filmography, tv serials acted, pictures .etc. have been updated in this article. Dini Daniel is a malayalam tv serial actress who is really Dini Elizabeth Daniel. and her entry into acting in television serials was through her character Pattu Saree which was recognized.

Later she acted in lot of tv serials like Jalakavathil, Chandanamazha, Thoovalsparsham, Sthreedhanam, Vadhu, Chavara Kuriakose Achan, Sangamam. Actress Swetha Menon looks very beautiful and spicy in the film Parudeesa, which was released in 2013. Dini Daniel is know a well known popular face in Malayalam tv serials and she is a favorite artiste who does villain roles. Anyway the sudden appearance of Dini Daniel wearing traditional dress like lungi and blouse has been a surprise to everyone. She looks gorgeous and hot in lungi blouse and thorthu dress in these photos. Is this from a movie or serial is not known.

Anyway these shooting location photos of her dressed as a common worker is awesome. Kanakalatha is a malayalam extra actress who acts in small roles in lot of movies in Kerala. The Lungi Blouse photos of actress Kanakalatha looks spicy and attractive in this gallery from an old Malayalam cinema. Savithriyude Aranjanam is a malayalam movie of actress Aswathy, Harisree Ashokan, Kalabhavan Mani. The photos featured in this article is about a spicy song by actor Kalabhavan Mani. In the first photo we can see kerala extra actresses like Priyanka, Bindhu Varappuzha wearing Lungi Blouse dancing with Kalabhavan Mani. Later in the song we can see lot of dancers dressed in lungi blouse dancing

Actress Sona has acted in few malayalam movies and Mizhi was her recent one in mollywood. In the movie Mizhi actresss Sona has acted in traditional dress like lungi, blouse thorthu.etc.

The spicy pictures of south indian actress Sona dressed in Lungi Blouse Thorthu looks gorgeous. In this movie there are lot of scenes in which actress Sona is acting very spicy in colorful dresses like lungi blouse in this cinema.

Mizhi is a Malayalam Movie of tamil actress Sona in which she is doing a small but great role. Sona is an item dancer in south indian films. Mizhi is a malayalam Movie in whihc the tamil item dancer Sona is doing a small role.

Sona appears in a song in this film and is doing the role of a supporting actress. Lungi Blouse Photos of actress Sona looks gorgeous in this movie ‘Mizhi’.

Sona is wearing a blue blouse and a pink lungi which is really sexy and has a thorthu tied in her hair and is acting as a Kerala village woman who works in quarry.

Dini Daniel

Photos of actress Dini Daniel appearing in traditional lungi and blouse which she posted on Labor Day as a special pictures is looking attractive and beautiful.

Along with Dini Daniel, on exploring the Mollywood film industry characters we can find lot of Lungi Blouse Malayalam Actress in such costumes. As most people of Kerala love to see the heroines and extra actress dressed in lungi blouse it is our chance to become proud of such gorgeous celebrities with us.

Lungi Blouse Malayalam Actress Photos

Ansiba Hassan is latest actress to come in Malayalam film industry in this traditional wear. This is photo of actress Ansiba Hassan from her role in Uthara Chemmeen movie.


Kanakalatha Lungi Blouse Yakshiyum Njanum Movie Photos
Malayalam actress Kanakalatha looks really gorgeous in the malayalam cinema Yakshiyum Njanum.

In this film she does a small role as Chayakkadakkari (Teashop girl) role with another extra actress.

Photos of actress Kanakalatha dressed in Lungi Blouse and Thorthu looks gorgeous in this gallery.

Seema G Nair Mundu Blouse Thorthu Dress

Malayalam extra actress Seema G Nair is wearing Mundu Blouse and Thorthu in this scene.

This is from the malayalam cinema Kayam in which she is acting with heroine Swetha menon in a small role.

Extra Actress Kanakalatha

Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu Actresses

Actress who did role of Manju Warrier’s mother in Kannezhuthi Pottum thottu

Lungi Blouse Actress in Savithriyude Aranjanam Song

Lungi Photos of Actress Sona in Mizhi Malayalam Movie

Sona is a tamil masala item actress, who has acted in lot of tamil, telugu movies. The Lungi Blouse wearing photos of actress Sona with a thorthu wrapped in her hair like a construction worker makes her look more gorgeous.

Lungi Blouse Thorthu Photos of Rekha Paavam Paavam Raajakumaran
Paavam Paavam Raajakumaran is a malayalam movie in which Sreenivasan is the hero. Rekha is the Actress of this movie Paavam Paavam Raajakumaran and there is a malayalam song Kannadi Kayyil in this film. In this movie actress Rekha is dressed in village costume of lungi blouse with thorthu looking attractive. The Lungi Blouse Thorthu Photos of Rekha from Kannadi Kayyil Song in the Paavam Paavam Raajakumaran cinema is attractive.

Lot of people have become the fans of mollywood actress Rekha after she acted in this film. The lungi blouse wearing actress Rekha is very hit among traditional lovers and everyone likes these songs and is memorable for all.

Other Kerala Actress in Lungi Blouse Dress

Actresses like Meera Jasmine, Iniya, Praveena, Kavyua Madhavan, Kanika, Ansiba Hassan .etc. have acted in movies wearing this traditional dress in various roles. Usually in lot of tv serials there are such roles , but its mostly seen in malayalam movies.

Poonam Bajwa Lungi Blouse Thorthu Photos Manthrikan Movie

Poonam Bajwa is a south indian actress who acts in spicy item roles in films.

In the malayalam cinema Manthrikan, actress Poonam Bajwa has acted as heroine of actor Jayaram.

In this movie she has acted in many scenes wearing traditional wears like mundu, lungi blouse.etc.

The lungi blouse thorthu wearing photos of actress Poonam Bajwa from Manthrikan Malayalam Movie looks traditionally attractive.

Megha Nair Mundu Lungi Blouse Photos Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam

Megha Nair is a south indian beauty.

In the tamil movie Pasupathi c/o Rasakkapalayam actress megha Nair has acted dressing in Mundu and Lungi Blouse dress.

Sthreedhanam Serial Actress

Swetha Menon Parudeesa Lungi Blouse Thorthu Photo
This is a photo of malayalam glamour actress Swetha Menon from her mollywood movie Parudeesa.

In this photo we can see that Shwetha Menon is dressed in a traditional village dress combination of Lungi Blouse Thorthu used popularly in Kerala.

Lungi is the most common dress used by local women in Kerala and the lungi wearing photos of Kanakalatha are awesome.

Actress Kanakalatha was one of the most wanted actress in lungi blouse, few years back at the time of Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu movie.