Lungi Blouse Thorthu Wearing Actress in Malayalam Movie

Monayi Angane Anayi is the latest malayalam cinema to come up with a beautiful pictures of lungi clad actresses. The common women’s dress Lungi Blouse Thorthu is popular in Kerala. Actress lungi blouse photos are looking attractive, traditional. Now it is used more in malayalam movies and after the Chennai Express release,the lungi dance is specialty of every film. Else we could see it only in Kalabhavan Mani’s nadan pattukal or movies in which actresses look attractive in lungi blouse costume.

Beena Antony is a malayalam actress who acts in serials, movies in Kerala Television channels. Beena Antony Lungi Blouse dressing in various stage shows. In reality shows Beena Antony performances is admired by audience. Beena is also seen in supporting roles or extra actress. Beena Antony is married to a malayalam actor who is also acting in tv serials. These are photos taken during a reality show in Asianet tv channel. Lungi blouse thorthu wearing photos of Kerala serial – movie actress Beena Antony looks really gorgeous. Colorful photos of Kerala serial actress Beena Antony dressed in the popular traditional attire of lungi blouse with thorthu.

This is a common dress in malayalam movies used by extra actresses. Maram Kothi is a new Malayalam Movie by Director Baby Thomas from Woodpecker productions. Maramkothi Malayalam movie photos of actresses Poojitha Menon, Soniya Malhaar looks sizzling. Sreejith Ravi is hero of the movie Maramkothi and other cast of actors, actresses in this cinema is updated. Sonia, Mano, Rinu Raj, Jeeja Surendran, Poojitha Menon, Chali Pala, Noushad, Santhakumari, Noushad. Lungi blouse, mundu thorthu are the traditional dresses used in the mollywood movie Maramkothi.

Maramkothy is a malayalam movie of actress Soniya Malhaar in supporting role. There are lot of actors, actress like Poojitha Menoin, Sreejith Ravi.etc. in this movie.

This is a photo gallery of actress Soniya Malhar from the cinema Maramkothy. This movie was released and got an average success and this film is now shown in tv channels. Film Maramkothy was about the life of people living in tribal forest areas.

Kerala Actress lungi blouse photos

Soniya Malhaar is a malayalam movie actress and she acted in the Kerala movie Maramkothi. In the cinema Maramkothy, actress Soniya Malhaar does the role of Kamplikandam Gracy.

The lungi blouse photos of actress Soniya Malhaar in Maramkothi movie looks really sizzling.

Maramkothy Movie Photos

Poojitha Menon is the heroine of the malayalam cinema Maramkothy and she acted as the pair of actor Sreejith Ravi. Poojitha Menon is a Kerala actress and this will be a good career break for her.
In the film Maramkothy, actress Poojitha Menon has acted in a traditional role and in many scenes she is wearing mundu blouse or lungi thorthu which makes her look attractive. Poojitha Menon is an young actress from Mollywood who is just 26 year sand had done movies like Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, Konthayum Poonoolum.

Poojitha Menon is the new malayalam actress who did great roles in Mollywood. Photos of actress Poojitha Menon from this movie looks really beautiful. Maramkothi is the latest movie of actress Poojitha Menon. Actress Poojitha Menon dressed in Lungi blouse thorthu from the cinema Maramkoththi is marvelous. Maramkothi is a mollywood cinema taken during old times, is taking place inside a beautiful forest.

Photos of Beena Antony in lungi blouse is from Asianet television program Comedy Stars. This comedy based reality show is telecast in Asianet channel. Beena Antony is very smart, talented Keralite actress. She has done lot of roles in tv serials, cinemas. Beena Antony is now popularly seen in tv serials, reality shows.

These are some of the spicy photos of the gorgeous actress in traditional costumes. Beena Antony photos from Comedy Stars reality show is great. The actress is dressed in Lungi Blouse, Thorthu looking very attractive, spicy.

Thorthu is an unavoidable clothe or garment of Kerala people. The nostalgic lungi blouse is used only by a few people when they go out in real situations.

Beena Antony Stills

It is a common man’s dress and is now followed by younger generations. In Mollywood movies, serials they see of beautiful malayalam actresses in these costumes.

Manju Warrier Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu

Masala Republic Movie Aparna Nair

Monayi Angane Aanayi

We are talking about a new malayalam cinema Monai Angane Anayi in which there is a song “Taj theerthoru” , where we can see actress Archana Kavi and many other extra actress / dancers are dressed n lungi blouse and thorthu.

This is just a part of a song adapted to resemble old times and have been taken with great expertise and is a wonderful song from AR Rahman’s assistant.

Monayi Angane Aanayi is a malayalam movie with actor Aju Varghese and Archana Kavi in the lead role as hero and heroine.

Monayi Angane Aanayi is a film by Director Santhosh Khan

Old malayalam actress Sumitra’s daughter Deepthi is another actress of this film.

The cast of actors, actresses in this malayalam cinema includes Sumitra, Bhagath Manual, Vishnu, Prekumar, Hari Nair.

There is a lungi blouse song “Taj theerthoru” in the movie Monayi Angane Aanayi, which is taken like Madhu and Sheela in Chemmeen movie.

Other Actress Lungi Blouse Images

Bindhu Panicker is a malayalam cinema actress doing supporting roles in films.

This is a photo of actress Bindhu Panicker dressed as a mallu fisherwoman in lungi blouse thorthu dress.

 Chatriyavamsam Tamil Movie Actress Lungi Blouse Photos

Chatriyavamsam is a Tamil Movie which is the dubbed version of malayaalm cinema Uppukandam Brothers 2.

In this movie there is an item dance song of an unknown actress wearing lungi blouse dress.

Photos of lungi blouse wearing Chatriyavamsam movie actress looks gorgeous.

Thorthu Photos of Malavika Nair Pakida Malayalam Movie

Malayalam actress Malavika Nair looks traditionally attractive in this photo gallery dressed in thorthu.

Malavika Nair is an actress in the malayalam cinema Pakida. Actress Malavika Nair has did a smallrole in the film Usthad Hotel. These are a few photos of the actress Malavika Nair coming out after bath wearing a thorthu in hair.

Pakida is a movie of actor Asif Ali and the other cast in this film are Biju Menon, Shine Tom Chacko, Aju Varghese. Malavika Nair is the heroine of the malayalam cinema Pakida. Actress Malavika Nair wearing thorthu mundu wrapped in hair like a towel after bath is attractive.