M80 Moosa Actress, Actors Names, Photos

M80 Moosa is a popular malayalam tv serial in Media One channel. M80 Moosa Actress Surabhi Lakshmi became popular after acting in this Malabar character role. Surabhi Lakshmi is a popular malayalam tv serial actress who acted in M80 Moosa shown in Media One channel. Thess are various photos of Kerala actress Surabhi Lakshmi.

The actors, actress of M 80 Moosa are Vinod Kovoor, Surabhi Lakshmi, Anju Sasi, Athul Sreeva. Vinod Kovoor does the role of M80 Moosa and actress Surabhi Lakshmi acts as his wife in Malabar muslim style and slang. Surabhi is the Malayalam Serial Actress who acts in the tv serial M80 Moosa in Media One channel. M80 Moosa is a popular malayalam tv serial being telecast in Media One channel. Photos of malayalam tv serial actress Anju Sasi from M80 Moosa in the role of character Rasiya is updated in this gallery.

Surabhi Lakshmi is a malayalam tv serial and movie actress. This is the latest mundu blouse and thorthu wearing photo of actress Surabhi Lakshmy from a latest movie or serial shooting location. Actress Surabhi Lakshmi is popular through the M80 serial in Media One channel. Kerala actress Surabhi from the serial M-80 Moosa as a Malappuram muslim lady talking in an attracive malayalam slang is awesome.

M80 Moosa will be telecast in Media one channel at 8.30 pm and it’s repeat telecast will be 11.30 pm. Within short time this program has become a hit and all characters of this serial are now favorite ones for everyone.

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Actress Anju Sasi plays the role of Rasiya, the daughter of M80 Moosa (Vinod Kovoor) and Pathumma or Fathima (Surabhi Lakshmi).

Photo Gallery of M80 Moosa Serial Actress, Actors

Photos of actress Surabhi Lakshmi as a muslim woman from malabara area in M80 Moosa looks attractive especially when she comes dressed in nighty and a shawl as thattam, showcasing a typical kerala village lady.

Malayalam anchor and tv serial actress Surabhi Lakshmi is the main attraction of the tele serial M80 Moosa being shown in Media One channel.

Actress Surabhi Lakshmi plays the role of Pathumma in the serial M80 Moosa.

The M-80 Moosa serial has got Five awards for this serial and they are as follows. Best Director – Shaji Varghese

Best Janapriya Nadan (Popular Actor) – Vinod Kovoor

Star of Channel – Surabhi Lakshmy

Supporting Artiste – Athul

Supporting Artiste – Anju