M80 moosa anju sasi whatsapp video leaked news rasiya fame actress

Anju Sasi also known as Anju Pandiyadath is a newcomer actress in Malayalam TV serials. She has done a serial M80 Moosa in Media One channel. Actress Anju Sasi is doing role of a character named Rasiya. She is acting along with other popular celebrities in Mini screen like Vinod Kovoor, Surabhi Lakshmi. M80 Moosa Anju whatsapp video leaked is latest incident that is coming out in Kerala among latest gossips regarding celebrities .

This role of Rasiya the muslim girl in M80 Moosa serial has won lot of fans for actress Anju Sasi. When news regarding Anju Pandiyadath whats app video has leaked out every one was astonished. Recently actress Mythili’s photos have leaked online and later it was found to be that of Mythili itself. In this situation there was lot of confusion in minds of audience of M80 Moosa serial.

This made actress Anju Sasi come up with a clarification regarding this incident. Serial actress Anju Sasi made it clear that fake photos of her were being circulated in internet through Whatsapp and Facebook. She asked everyone to avoid sharing such fake pictures. Rasiya fame Anju Pandiayadath said that she filed a Police complaint at Kozhikode to find culprit behind this fake photo upload.

Anju Sasi is a popular actress in Kerala who is popular now among audience as Rasiya fame character in M80 Moosa serial. Whatsapp video included fake pictures of actress Anju Sasi with other screenshots of Mediaone channel’s logo in M80 Moosa serial. M80 Moosa Anju whatsapp leaked pictures are currently viral allover internet. So another complaint from Mediaone channel was also filed to Police.

m80 moosa anju whatsapp

Police informed that soon an arrest will be made in this case as investigation is going on at present. Fw days back another actor in M80 Moosa serial was arrested by police. It was Athul Sreeva who was doing role of character Riswan who was arrested.

Both actress Anju Sasi and actor Athul Sreeva were acting in M80 Moosa serial. Actor Vinod Kovoor doing title role of Moosa while National award winning actress Surabhi Lakshmi acted as Pathu.