Malayalam Actor Dileep First Wife Latest News Secret Register Marriage

Celebrity marriages happening in Kerala has been eagerly watched by everyone. But wedding of actor Dileep is an exception to all other celebrity weddings. Dileep always create some news regarding his divorce or marriage. We are discussing about such a happening that has recently been revealed. As every one knows Malayalam actor Dileep first wife is Manju Warrier. This information is proved wrong with latest developments of probe against Dileep.

On questioning people close to actor Dileep, it was known that actor Dileep has done three marriages. First marriage of actor Dileep was not with actress Manju Warrier. Dileep had married another woman who was his relative. At that tme this girl was doing her degree studies and Dileep was a less known mimicry artiste. Both of them were deeply in love anbd got a secret register marriage. This marriage was done at Aluva register office and now Police are trying to gather information about it.

When Dileep started to become well  known and got chances as an actor, he decided to get married to a better woman. With help of his close relatives he did a compromise with this girl and got a secret legal divorce. After that actor Dileep got married to actress Mnaju Warrier.

This is most shocking news that came out recently regarding Dileep, who once again proved that he is a man of secrets. All news that comes out shows that Dileep is a man with an ugly double face, who does anything to make money. This had made him leave his first wife and decide to get married to an actress.

Who is Malayalam Actor Dileep first wife ?

As per reports we came to know that even Manju Warrier is unaware of Dileep first wife name and other information. Even is she knew it she wanted to be known as malayalam actor Dileep first wife.

No photo is available regarding first wife details and if we look for Dileep’s first marriage we only get marriage photo of Manju Warrier – Dileep together.

Who is Malayalam Actor Dileep first wife

News – Malayalam Actor Dileep first wife is not Manju Warrier

This news had also surprised actress Kavya Madhavan who has been pushed into third place as Dileep’s third wife.

At present actor Dileep is in jail after he was remanded by court in connection with actress attack case. Interrogation of actress attack case is going on and each day evidences against Dileep is increasing. Malayalam actor Dileep first wife name and other details are not known to public.

Dileep alias P Gopalakrishnan is now suspected to be mastermind of actress attack case in Kerala. News about Kalyanaraman movie fame actor Dileep and his marriages lives is coming out. Actor Dileep married Manju Warrier in year 1998 and divorced her in 2015. Later he married Kavya Madhavan in 2016. As per latest reports actor Dileep’s first marriage happened in 1990’s before getting married to Manju Warrier.