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Full name of the malayalam actress Hima Shankar is Hima Shankar Sheematty. Kerala actress Hima Shankar Sheematty Photos are traditionally spectacular. Actress Hima Shankar is popular in malayalam movies and she updates her recent films, photos in social media. This is one of the latest photo of actress Hima Sankar and looks gorgeous in this picture. The nose ring wearing Hima Shankar looks really attractive. Hima Shankar has acted in films like Niharika, The Aesthetics.etc.

Hima Shankar is a malayalam actress who has acted in few movies and dramas. Hima Shankar studied at the School of drama in Thrissur and has worked with the Theatre of the Soul Seekers and did many recognized character roles. Hima Shankar has acted in movies , short films, dramas like Bandit Queen, Shayya, Black Water, Hate Story, The Aesthetics , Neeharika. But she is popular to everyone through online media. The Set Saree and Blouse wearing Photo of malayalam beauty Hima Shankaris jus gorgeous and beautiful as in traditional Kerala looks. Niharika is the latest malayalam movie of actress Hima Shankar. In the cinema Neeharika , there are hot, sizzling photos of actress Hima Shankar in very spicy mylakkacha like blouse in a song sequence.

Hima Shankar is a bold drama and movie actress and has did very glamorously for this movie.Ra jiv Peethambaran is a talented artist from Kerala who does realistic oil paintings. These are photos of Rajiv Peethambaran’s Oil painting of a malayali lady in traditional wear of mundu and thorthu which is titled as “After Bath”. The face of model used in the painting is malayalam actress Hima Shankar Sheematty. Lot of other paintings of models like Rakhi Krishna, Hima Shankar in kerala style traditional dresses has also been up for exhibition. Hima Shankar’s face was used as the model for artist Rajiv Peethambaran’s famous oil painting named as “After Bath”.He is selling his oil paintings and he said that this is the 5th time he is drawing this canvas oil painting because of it’s popularity.

This is of the theme of a beautiful keala woman walking up the steps of a pond after bath dressed in traditional dress such as mundu.The painting features a malayali manka in a wet mundu (eeran aninga sundari / eeranuduthu ) as mulakkacha  covering the body, onnara or thaar and a thortu wrapped over her hair.

Paintings of this artist is now up for exhibition in various places and copies of many of his paintings are now for sale. At present his Painting Exhibition is going on from 18th to 22 nd June 2014 at ITC Winsor and Maner Hotel in Bangalore.

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Actress Hima Shankar Arrested at Kollam With Male Friend

Malayalam Actress Hima Shankar was arrested with her male friend and co-actor while they were travelling in bike through Kollam at night on Friday 25 July 2014.

Hima Shankar Sheematty and her friend Sree Ram Ramesh was arrested while they were traveling to
Drama Camp.

They were taken into custody while traveling near Chinnakkada in Kollam and were taken to Police station.

Both of them were not allowed to go home, even when the parents of Sree Ram came and requested

Later in morning they were released without even charging a petty case.

The cruel, indecent behaviour of Kerala Police to a woman and man if found traveling together as crime is being criticized by media.