Kerala actress jyothi krishna wedding, marriage reception album pictures

Date of Malayalam actress Jyothi Krishna wedding has been announced to be on November month in year 2017. Actress Jyothi Krishna will get married to Arun Anand on Sunday, 19 November (19/11/17) at Thrissur in Kerala. Name of person with whom actress Jyothi Krishna is getting engaged and married is Arun Ananda Rajan. He is brother of Malayalam film actress Radhika. Actress Radhika is Class Mates movie fame celebrity who is well known to every one.

Malayalam actress jyothi krishna wedding is on 19-11-2017 at Trichur as per Hindu marriage ceremony. A marriage reception will eb held soon after wedding event on the same day. Soon it will be conformed whether a special wedding reception is arranged by actress Jyothi Krishna for friends from film industry. Kerala actress Jyothi Krishna engagement was held on 26th May 2017 (26/5/17) at Thrissur. Engagement of Jyothi Krishna was attended by close relatives and friends from film industry. Photos of Jyothi Krishna engagement and wedding reception is most wanted in Mollywood.

For those who do not know who is actress Jyothi Krishna, we can explain it easily by pointing ou some of her best and most memorable movies in Kerala. Actress Jyothi Krishna is Life of Josuty fame actress, who did role of character Rose in this movie. Engagement ceremony of Malayalam film actress Jyothi Krishna was held on 26-5-17. News regarding engagement and marriage date was informed by actress Jyothi Krishna herself. Arun Anand who is gong to marry actress Arun Anand Jyothi Krishna is presently working in Dubai.

As per latest information there are many possibilities that actress Jyothi Krishna may bring a stop to acting in films for few years after marriage. Actress Jyothi Krishna’s husband is working at Dubai with Flora Hospitality. She will be going with her husband to Dubai after marriage.

Jyothi Krishna is presently doing few roles in Malayaalm film industry which will be completed before that. Manju Warrier starring Malayalam cinema ‘Aami’ is one of her recent projects in Mollywood.

Malayalam actress Jyothi Krishna wedding & engagement

Kerala film actress Jyothi Krishna got engaged to Arun Anand on Friday, 26 May 2017.

Wedding ceremony will be done as per Hindu rituals as Thalikettu. Marriage and Wedding reception of actress Jyothi Krishna will be held on 19 November 2017.

Malayalam actress jyothi krishna wedding

Jyothi Krishna Engagement Stills

First malayalam cinema of actress Jyothi Krishna is Bombay March 12 with actor Mammootty. Before acting in movies she started as a RJ / Radio jockey. Later actress Jyothi Krishna did few programs as anchor in reality shows in Malayalam channels.

After doing malayalam cinema Bombay March 12 in a supporting cast role, she started doing many other films. She got recognized as an actress with her malayalam movie God For Sale – Bhakthi Prasthanam. In this film she acted with actor Kunchakko Boban. There were many spicy scenes of actress Jyothi Krishna in God For Sale movie with Kunchakko Boban. Another bold role done by actress Jyothi Krishna was in Dileep’s movie Life of Josutty as Rose  who is wife of Josutty (Dileep).