Meghna Vincent Wedding Malayalam Actress Dimple Rose Brother

Meghna Vincent Wedding date is not known but will be sometime soon in 2016. Chandana Mazha fame Amritha character of Meghna Vincent has been liked by all people and they will miss after the serial ends. Malayalam Actress Meghna Vincent Wedding is one of the celebrity marriages that will get attention of everyone.

She is know to everyone through the Aruvikkara election Makeup remarks. After that incident everyone gives the actress Meghna Vincent a comedy impression. We have to wait and see what will the trolls do on the occasion of her marriage. Chandanamazha serial fame actress Meghna Vincent will get married soon in June 2016 as per latest news. Meghna Vincent engagement function was held on 14th February 2016. She is really happy after engagement and waiting to get married.

Will she continue acting in television serials is not kn own or whether her acting career ends with Chandanamazha serial , we will have to wait and watch. Malayalam serial actress Meghna Vincent marriage photos with brother of actress Dimple Rose looks awesome. Both actresses Dimple Rose and Meghna Vincent looked spectacular on the occasion of engagement function of Meghna.

They were dressed in Chattayum mundum like dress which added to their beauty. Chatta and Mundu with Vishari like cloth behind is a traditional christian dress used in Kerala and has resemblances to dress used in Srilanka. See Meghna Vincent with Dimple Rose and mother of her husband Don Tony.

Wedding date of Malayalam actress Meghna Vincent is on 30 April 2017. On same day marriage reception of actress Meghna Vincent was also done.

Meghna Vincent of Chandanamazha poses with her husband Don Tony after the engagement. Both of them are dressed in traditional Christian dress. Chandanamazha serial fame actress Meghna Vincent marriage with Don Tony was a great event. Dimple Rose Brother Meghna Vincent with Dimple Rose and mother of her husband Don Tony.