Kerala Actress Traditional Christian, Hindu Muslim Costumes in Movies

Mundu and Pardha Blouse or Thattam is the most common used dress by malayali malabar women in northern part of Kerala state. Malayalam actress mundu blouse photos resemble the malabar style in movies to show muslim female characters in Kozhikode. Malayalam actresses are wearing kachimundu or mundu along with a shawl as thattam or a hijab or black pardha covering hair. Actress Zeenath is wearing a Mundu and Blouse with Thattam making her look like a typical kerala muslim woman in this photos from a malayalam cinema.

Here in this gallery we can see some of the high quality photos of malayalam actresses dressed in mundu-paradha combination. In each part of India they style of wearing pardha is different and only in Kerala you can see the set mundu and long blouse or traditional kachi mundu thattam used by heroines in Mollywood movies. Malayalam extra actress Zeenath is dressed like a muslim woman in these stills from a mollywood movie.

Marykkundoru Kunjadu is a malayalam cinema of actress Bhavan in the role of heroine. Bhavana Chattayum Mundum photos in the song in this movie is an all time hit. In this cinema actor Dileep does the main role. In this flm there is a beautiful looking traditiona song of Bhavana and Dileep starting with words “Entadukke vannadukkum pemparannole”. In this movie actress Bhavana and extra dancers in the song are wearing old christhian traditional dress called chattayum mundum , vishri. The traditional photos of Bhavana wearing chattayum mundum costume in the song Marykkundoru Kunjadu is attractive in this gallery. This song in Marykkundoru Kunjadu is by singers Shankar Mahadevan, Rimi Tomy.

In the Mollywood Dileep – Bhavana starring movie Marykkundoru Kunjadu actress Bhavana has done a stunning role.

Photo of Beena Antony the malayalam actress in Traditional Christian dress of chattayum mundu is awesome and everyone will say wow when they see her nice looking snap. This was taken for a movie or serial in which she had acted.  In lot of malayalam religious serials, the actress Beena Antony has acted and given her best performance.

Lakshmy Gopalaswamy is a malayalam actress and in the movie Ginger she is wearing the Christian traditional dress like Chattayum Mundum.

The chatta mundu dress wearing Lakshmy Gopalaswami is looking gorgeous in a latest released film. It seems like Molywood is after old styles in costume sensations.

Malayalam actress mundu blouse photos from Movies

Beena Antony in Traditional Attire

Beena Antony the malayalam tv serial – movie actress is dressed in the traditional christian costumes. Chattayum Mundu Beena Antony dress is looking nice and no one can see someone else so apt in this costume. Kerala Actress Beena Antony looks attractive and gorgeous when she appears wearing Chattayum Mundu in this photo.

Muktha in Manthrikan Movie
Muktha also known as Bhanu is a malayalam actress.

In the mollywood movie Manthrikan actress Bhanu has acted ad a muslim woman and so she is dressed in kachi mundu blouse and thattam.

The thattam and mundu wearing photos of malayalam actress Muktha looks very traditional and attractive.

To Noora With Love is a Malayalam Movie from the Director Babu Narayanan.

The actresses in the new cinema To Noora With Love are Mamta Mohandas, Kanika, Archana Kavi, Ambika.

Bhavana Chattayum Mundum – Marykkundoru Kunjadu Movie

Actress Bhavana and extra dancers in this song looks really attractive in chatta and mundu.

Marykkundoru Kunjadu is a malayalam movie of actress Bhavana as heroine with Dileep as hero.

In this movie actress Bhavana wears the traditional christhian dress Chattayum Mundum in a dance song.

Actress Saranya Sasi

Saranya Sasi is a malayalam serial and movie actress. Saranya Sasi is also known as the Rahasyam fame actress.

Photo of actress Saranya Sasi wearing a kerala traditional mundu and melmundu over blouse like a
thampuratty making her look beautiful and attractive.

Sruthi Lakshmi is the heroine of the new malayaalm film Mizhi Thurakku.

The movie Mizhi Thurakku of Sruthi Lakshmi is already getting good responses , when it’s photos have been released.

This is a story about old times and actress Sruthi Lakshmy is dressed in mundu mulakkacha and blouse which makes her more pretty and traditional.

Sadhika Venugopal, Lakshmi Sharma Breaking News Live Movie

The Malayalam Movie Song Photos of actresses Sadhika Venugopal, Lakshmi Sharma from Breaking News Live is really sizzling. Breaking News Live is Malayalam Movie of actress Kavya Madhavan as the heroine. In the cinema Breaking News Live there is a traditional hot song in which actresses Sadhika Venugopal, Lakshmi Sharma have danced and acted. The photo of Kerala actresses dancing in the movie Breaking News Live is really gorgeous. Actress Sadhika Venugopal, Lakshmi Sharma and other extra actress in this song are dressed in mundu and rowka or mulakkacha like blouse in which they look really hot. And the performance of malayalam actor Thilakan in the song in Breaking News Live is also awesome.

Sruthi Lakshmi is a malayalam actress and she recently acted in the mollywood movie mizhi thurakku as heroine. In the cinema Mizhi Thurakku, the malayalam movie actress Sruthy Lakshmi is wearing mundu blouse or rowka like dress which is the traditional style of dressing in Kerala village areas. Sruthi Lakshmi is a malayalam actress and her mother is also an extra actress in Mollywood. These are few photos of her from recent snaps. The mundu blouse wearing photos of Sruthi Lakshmi are from her latest cinema Mizhi Thurakku.

Sona Nair is a malayalam movie actress and also did roles in lot of television serials. Recently actress Sona Nair is acting and posing gorgeous for movies,and this is one of her recent photograph while she is sitting in a car.

Kerala actress Sona Nair had recently acted in Anavruthayaya Kapalika, which increased her fans.  Reshmi Soman is a popular malayalam tv serial and movie actress. We an also see Reshmi Soman as an anchor in cookery show in Surya tv and in other programs in Asianet, Kairali channels. Reshmi Soman has also acted in many television serials,albums and in few movies in small roles. This is an attractive photo of the gorgeous Reshmi Soman wearing Set Mundu neriyathu looking mind blowing as a malayali beauty in traditional dress.

Malayalam actress Shruthi Lakshmi is wearing Kerala set mundu and neriyathu looking gorgeous. Sruthy Lakshmi s the daughter of an old malayalam extra actress. Sruthi Lekshmy has acted in lot of malayalam movies and photo session of her in this traditional saree looks gorgeous.

Shalu Kurian Serial Actress

Shalu Kurian is a malayalam tv serial actress who is acting in lot of tele-serials in channels at present. This is an old set of photos of actress Shalu Kurian from the malayalam serial Kadamattathu Kathanar. In this serial actress Shalu Kurian is dressed in mundu and blouse looking gorgeous.

Actress Shalu Kurian has acted in the roles of characters Rajani, Varsha, Alice in various malayalam serials which had made her popular. Malayalam Serial Actress Shalu Kurian has acted in the tamil serials Azhagi, Niraimathi and in malayalam serials like Kadamattathu Kathanar and now famous after her role in serial Chandanamazha.Photos of Malayalam Serial Actress Shalu Kurian in kadamattathu kathanar which was telecast in Surya tv.

Chandanamazha is a popular malayalam tv serial in Asianet channel. In this serial the main highlight is the villain style actress Shalu Kurian. The performance of Shalu Kurian Chandanamazha serial is great and her performance against Gayathri Arun is remarkable. Malayalam actress Shalu kurian is acting in the Chandanamazha Serial as Varsha. Photos of actress Shalu Kurian from Chandanamazha Serial is updated here. Other actresses in Chandana Mazha serial includes Roopasree , Meghna who have also equal performance. Recently there has been an issue with regard to Shalu Kurian photos getting leaked. But later the actress herself said that these were not leaked photos , as the gossip news stated. It was from an old video in which she had acted where she is doing exercising and workouts.

Kerala Anchors in Traditional Dress

Southern Spice is one of the popular programs in the kerala channel We Tv and these photos of anchors look gorgeous. Southern Spice is a Live Phone-In Program shown in Kairali We tv channel and hosted by two female anchors. In each episode these young anchors wear different costumes and entertain the audience with the latest news in south indian movies, songs .etc.

This time on 20-3-14 they came wearing Chattayum Mundum surprising everyone at the occasion of Christian Nombu, and they looked so attractive in this traditional dress. These are a few photographs of the anchors of the malayalam talk show Southern Spice in We tv channel. The Set Saree or Mundu neriyathu and Blouse Wearing Anchors of this show look traditionally beautiful and attractive.