Kerala Actress Rekha Mohan News – Sthreejanmam, Mayamma Fame Rekha Photos

Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan was found passed from her flat as sitting in dining hall. This incident happened at her flat in Shoba city in Thrissur on Saturday, 12 November 2016. As per Police report she passed few days back and as there was no else at home she was not found. Rekha Mohan is 45 years old and her husband Mohan was abroad when this incident happened. He went back to Malaysia 5 days back and was trying to make phone call for past 2 days.

Actress Rekha Mohan was undergoing treatment for cancer. She was depressed after knowing about her disease. She was all alone at home and she did not have any children which was main reason for her depression. Recently she was getting lesser chances in movies, tv serials which made her more miserable. May be due to these tensions she had a cardiac arrest. As no one was at home, her problems could not be known to others. Only when her husband asked security at flat to go and look why his wife is not picking up phone, everyone came to know about this incident.

From moment when body of actress Rekha Mohan was recovered from flat at Shoba City in Thrissur, social media was filled up with many stories. A glass was found near Rekha Mohan’s body, which led to belief that she may have ended up her life. Viyyur Police started investigation on this case. Later after autopsy report was delivered, it was found that Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan passed reason is  due to sudden heart attack and nothing suspicious.

Rekha Mohan started her acting career few years back. Even though she was able to do all characters she got with good perfection, she could not get a bright future in Mollywood.

Name of Rekha Mohan’s husband is Mohan who is working abroad at Malaysia.

Not much information regarding celebrity Rekha Mohan is available as she was not popular at present. Rekha – Mohan couple did not have any children.

Mystery regarding Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan passed was cleared up soon after medical report was received. Few days back another Malayalam – Tamil actress Sabarna Anand was found at house. It was thought that she ended her life. Later it is known that she was abused by around 4 people who entered house by force. Investigation in Mayamohini serial fame Sabarna Anand case is continuing.

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Actress Rekha Mohan’s Malayalam movies include Udhyanapalakan, Oru Yathramozhi, Nee Varuvolam. In all these movies she did good roles, but was not able to get further chances in Malayalam cinema.

As an actress Rekha Mohan got noticed while do0ing roles in Malayalam television serials. He serial Sthreejanmam in Surya Tv channel was one of her best ones.

Rekha Mohan also acted in Mayamma serial which made her quite popular in Kerala among family audience as a favorite TV serial actress.