Manjal Prasadam serial cast actress names Flowers tv malayalam serial

Manjal Prasadam in Flowers tv channel is a new malayalam serial which is dealing with a traditional subject regarding Hindu beliefs. Most actors, actress in Manjal Prasadam serial cast are new comers. Manjal Prasadam serial is started on 28th November 2016and is telecast daily from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. This new tv serial Manjal Prasadam in Flowers tv channel is getting top in audience charts. Flowers tv channels has always come up with interesting serials and this is a great interesting one. Through Manjalprasadam serial Flowers tv channel has brought many new actors, actresses in Kerala to small screen. Introduction these young actors, actress they get through this new Malayaalm serial will surely help them.

As this is a new television serial and most actress cast in it are new faces, audience have great interest to know about their details. Names of main Malayalam actress in Manjal Prasadam serial are Ann Mathews, Kalamandala Radhika, Sanuja, Kalyani. Manjal Prasadam serial story is about snakes which are worshiped like God at Nagapadathmana situated in Ottappalam in Palakkad. Director of malayalam serial Manjal Prasadam is Pradeep Madhavan and story is by Anil Bas. Sudeep Karat is Producer of this serial.

Lot of new actresses are in Manjal Prasadam serial cast. Among them actress Ann Mathews is doing main role of Vaishnavi around whom main story of this serial starts. Problems in Nagapadathmana start when Vaishnavi (Ann Mathews) come to her house with her friends from college in city. Ann Mathews is not a new face in television industry. She was an anchor, model and actress who was popular 6 years back.

After marriage she left acting career and now she is coming back with serial Manjal Prasadam in Flowers Tv after a long gap.

Actress Kalamadhlam Radhika also known as Kala Radhi is doing role of Muthassi (grand mother) of Vaishnavi (Ann Mathews).

There are lot of fans for actresses who does rule of servant Kalyani and snake goddess Rakshaka in this malayalam serial. Actress in Manjal Prasadam serial looks glamorous and gorgeous in traditional costumes.

Manjal Prasadam Serial Cast

Actress Kalamadhlam Radhika as Muthassi

Actress Ann Mathews as Vasihnavi

Actress Kalyani as servant who does role of Kalyani

Actress Sanuja does role of Dakshaka.

Actors are Ajumsha, Sreerag, Anil, Sudeep, Nidhin.