Mini Richard Navrathri special photos 2017 Kerala actress model

Mini Richard is a popular celebrity from Mollywood who is an NRI Malayali. She is a model and actress who likes to do glamour appearances. She does self promotion and created her own celebrity looks by posting gorgeous photos from her house at California. Navrathri occassion photo of Mini Richard is latest in her collection.

Whatever celebrations happen in Inida, it is Mini Richard who gives her first wishes to her fans,. Speciality of her photos is that she dresses up related to that occasion and shares her photo in Facebook.

Mini Richard Navrathri photos from California has entertained everyone.

Mini Richard Navrathri

Kerala traditional attire of Mini Richard

Mini Richard acted in a Malayalam movie Parankimala and later she did her own music album video which became super hit in Youtube. She has now become sensation of youngsters of Kerala.