Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan Passed Wife Dhanya Rajan

Jishnu Raghavan has been familiar to all as the son of old malayalam actor Raghavan. But he is more popular as Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan, because he made a debut entry through Director Kamal’s Nammal movie in 2002.After that he did a bunch of movies in malayalam and was doing good roles in supporting charcaters, when the cancer disease crawled over him and affected his throat and lungs.

Jishnu Raghavan fought against this disease through treatment at hospital and gave advice to everyone how to avoid getting affected by cancer. Jishnu Raghavan was a native of Kannur, but he settled with his wife Dhanya Rajan and his parents at Kochi. He promoted the use of organic farms in Kerala and also wrote about how eating good pesticide-free food can save the lives of people. Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan passed news on 25 March 2016, was a shocking one for his fans, friends who were expecting him to comeback to acting and life. In March 2016, he wrote in Facebook that he was in ICU , but everyone thought that it was part of the treatment, and no one thought that it would have been his last FB Post.

Jishnu Raghavan’s Wife Dhanya Rajan is an architect and they have no children. Jishnu Raghavan and Dhanya Rajan studied together at NIT and their friendship at this campus turned into love affair. The funeral of Jishnu Raghavan was done on 25th March 2016 at Ravipuram in Ernakulam and actors, actresses from Mollywood came to gives their tributes to him. Talking about the the malayalam cinema Nammal 2 actors and 2 actress debuted in their career and became celebrities through this movie from Director Kamal. Siddharth, Jishnu, Renuka Menon, Bhavana were the cast of Nammal movie and this film was one of the popular campus movies released at that time.

Jishnu Raghavan acted in the role of Sivan and actor Siddharth Bharathan acted as Shyam in Nammal movie. All songs in the film Nammal were great and Ennamme Onnu Kanan Ethra Naalayi, Kaathu Kathoru, Enkaralil Thamasichal Mappu Tharam Rakshasi .etc. were hit songs in malayalam.

Jishnu Raghavan also acted in a Bollywood movie “Traffic” which was the remake of the malayaalm cinema “Traffic” by Director Rajesh Pillai.

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan first shot

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan Passed

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan news 2016

After the hit movie Nammal actor Jishnu Raghavan Alingkil started doing more movies in Mollywood and the best ones were Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala, Banking Hours 10 to 4, Ustad Hotel, Chakkara Muthu, Parayam, Nerariyan CBI, Valathottu Thirinjal Nalamathe Veedu.

Jishnu Raghavan in the Last Stage of Cancer

Jishnu Raghavan some what new that he was in the last stage of cancer and decided to lead the remaining life happily. He posted his latest selfie photos with his parents and seeing his health condition, everyone was disappointed.

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan last photo cancer affected

Actor Jishnu Raghavan Family Members

Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan wife name is Dhanya Rajan. Jishnu’s father is Raghavan and mother is Shobana. Actor Jishnu Raghavan’s sister is Jyolsana.

Speechless Malayalam Short Film Video

A Malayalam YouTube short film was made by friends of Jishnu Raghavan to show his story of fight against cancer. The short film Speechless Director is Joly Joseph. The cast of actors, actress in the 11 minute malayalam short film “Speechless” are Malavika Menon, Saritha Sugeeth, Shafeer Shait, Rathan, Baby Shivani, Ambili,Thomas, Neha.

Jishnu Raghavan Childhood Photos

The childhood photos of actor Jishnu Raghavan with his father Raghavan who was an actor is updated and it makes everyone filled with tears seeing the father and son together and now the father alone with memories of son Jishnu.

Jishnu Raghavan with sister, father, mother - family Jishnu Raghavan with father raghavan as child Jishnu Raghavan Childhood Photos with parents Jishnu Raghavan Childhood Photos in college

Jishnu Raghavan Wife Dhanya Rajan Photos

Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan’s wife Dhanya Rajan was also known as Dhanya Jishnu. They were staying at Kochi and she was working as an architect.

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan Passed Wife Dhanya Rajan

Nammal Fame Jishnu Raghavan used the Lakshmitharu and Mullatha which claimed to lower the cancer, but his experience was that both these fruits and leaves increased his disease.

He advises everyone that Lakshmitharu and Mullatha should not be used if you are having cancer, it will worsen your health condition. It should be used to prevent the body being affected by cancer and should not be used as a medicine for curing cancer.