Oachira Saji Lungi Blouse Photos Hottest Kerala Male Actor

Oachira Saji is one of the hottest actors in Kerala. He is capable of doing female characters with perfection and his dressing style in modern and traditional wear is really amazing. Malayalam actors female dress wearing photos are an awesome because it is believed that in every man there is a female hidden.

These are some of the spicy Lungi Blouse Photos of Oachira Saji. Ochira Saji is one of the best cross dresser artistes in Kerala. Usually Ochira Saji is seen in most comedy skits in tv channels and stage shows. These are some beautiful looking traditional photos of Ochira Saji. Have you seen this beauty in malayalam tv channels, especially in the commedy skits program in Asianet. Seeing the photo of this traditional actress we are confused, ” Is this She or He? ” This face is familiar to all of you through the malayalam cinema Ardhanaari and Vodafone commedy stars.

Vineeth is the name of this actor who always comes up to you as a female dressed in traditional outfits. His usual get ups are in dress like mundu blouse, lungi blouse, thampuratty like dresses.etc. Malayalam Artiste Vineeth always wear Mundu Blouse hotter than the real actresses. Vineeth is a malayalam actor and cross dresser in Kerala. Usually Vineeth is seen more in comedy skits, shows in the role of female artistes. These are few saree photos of Vineeth who mesmerises everyone with his beauty , when cross dressed as a woman. See beautiful photos of Vineeth wearing saree blouse. Mr. Vineeth who is a native of Trivandrum.

Ardhanari is a malayalam movie that discussed the live of minority people of Kerala, who are transgenders or those men who live the life of women.

Actors in this movie Ardhanaari were Manoj K Jayan, Surya Vinod, Maniyanpilla Raju, Thilakan. The female dress wearing actors in mollywood looks awesome. It was also one of last movie of actor Thilakan before he passed.

Most  actors dress like female for comedy shows in television channels and stage shows.

Malayalam Actors Female Dress Photos

Malayalam Actors Female Dress


Vineeth Comedy Actor Wearing Mundu Blouse Photos

Vineeth asianet supporting actor in female costumes look really beautiful. He has appeared in lot of Malayalam movies, comedy shows.


Ardhanari malayalam movie Unseen Photos of Manoj K Jayan
The set mundu neriyathu and blouse wearing photos of Vineeth, the malayalam comedy stars fame artiste is really great. Vineeth is another Cross Dresser from Kerala who looks beautiful in comedy skits and songs.