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Ottal is a malayalam movie that won Swarna Chakoram award in International film festival of Kerala in December 2015. Along with Golden Pheasant Award of IFFK 2015, many other awards were also bagged by Ottaal Malayalam Movie. This is an article about the story, cast, actors, actress in this award winning mollywood film Ottaal.

Jayaraj is the Director of Ottaal movie. The Ottaal movie is competing for 2015 National Awards for the categories like National Award for best film , National Awards for environment, National Awards for best screenplay. Producers of the cinema Ottaal are K Mohan of Seven Arts Mohan and Vinod Vijayan. The story of this cinema Ottaal is based on the story named Vanka by writer Anton Chekov. The movie Ottaal is a very beautiful environmental movie from Kerala and has picturised natural beauty of Lakes, Boats .etc. Ashanth K Sha does role of Kuttappayi the boy and his friendship with his grand father. Kumarakom Vasudevan is the actor who does role of grandfather and is the main actor who won many awards through this movie.

Ottaal movie actress is Sabitha. Actress Sabitha is the wife of Director Jayaraj and she has done her part with great perfection.

Actor Shine Tom Chacko acts as Mesthri in the film Ottaal and his role is also important in this cinema.

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These are few photos of actors, actress in the new malayalam cinema Ottaal, which is an award winning cinema from Mollywood.

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Story of Ottaal Movie

Ottaal is a Malayalam movie which narrates the story of a boy named Kuttappayi and his grandfather. It describes what all happens in their life.