Njaan Malayalam Movie Actress Names Mundu Blouse Photos

Parvathy is known to everyone as a malayalam anchor, judge and also as an actress in malayalam movies. The mundu rowka (blouse) photos of malayalam actress Parvathy in the cinema “Njaan”looks attractive and traditional. The mundu blouse wearing photos of Sajitha Madathil from Njaan movie looks attractive.

Parvathy dressed in mundu blouse looks like a typical hindu woman in old times and these are scenes from the movie Njaan. Mythili is one of the main actresses of the malayalam movie Njaan. The cinema Njaan tells a story that takes place several decades before in Kerala. So the dresses used by all characters of actresses appear wearing traditional mundu blouse, rowka, melmundu, mulakkacha.etc. Photos in the malayalam movie Njaan are really sizzling. The other cast of Njaan includes actress like Jyothi Krishna, Anumol, Shruthi Ramachandran.

Njaan is a traditional film for those who want to know about people in old times in Kerala. It has a good story and photos of actress in traditional mundu blouse is second thing to be noted. It has a nice message and opens up life of ordinary people.

Malayalam film Njaan is from Director Ranjith. This film got released on 19 September 2014.

There are lot of traditional scenes of actresses from malayalam cinema Njaan.

Parvathy in Njaan

Anumol in njaan movie

Mythili photos in Njaan
Sajitha Madathil in Njaan

Njaan is the latest malayalam movie of actress Sajitha Madathil.

In the film Njaan, actress Sajitha Madathil is doing the role of Kunjooli. As you all know hero of Njaan movie is Dulquer Salmaan.