Peruchazhi Movie Actress Ragini Nandwani Photos Heroine of Mohanlal

Peruchazhi is the newest malayalam movie of actor Mohanlal. Peruchazhi Movie actress name is Ragini Nandwani who is the heroine. Director of the film Peruchazhi is Arun Vaidyanathan and this movie comes with a very strange story which has not ever been told in Mollywood. Ragini Nandwani is an actress and anchor in South India. The other actors, actress of Peruchazhi are Sandra Thomas, Aju Varghese, Babu Raj, Vijay Babu.

Peruchazhi is a new malayalam movie of Super Star Mohanlal with co-actors like Mukesh, Baburaj, Aju Varghese and actresses like Ragini Nandwani, Poonam Bajwa, Andrea Jeremiah, Sandra Thomas. This comes as an Onam release on Friday 29th August 2014 and has made a worldwide release. The cinema Peruchazhi is by Director Arun Vaidyanathan which is Produced by Vijay Babu, Sandra Thomas under the banner of Friday Film House.

The First Day First Show Review of the new malayalam movie Peruchazhi is that this is going to be one of the best movies of Mohanlal after Drishyam and a complete fun filled movie from this great actor after a long gap. Special shows for Mohanlal fans have started from early morning and the responses, rating are very much positive with ratings going up to 4 out of 5. Peruchazhi has everything mixed in it including comedy, action, romance and his fans can enjoy seeing. Lalettan’s Peruchazhi comes with lot of attractions and will be a trend setter for kerala youth in their dressing style.

Peruchazhi Special Mundu – Adipolica is now the latest buzz in Kerala.

Peruchazhi movie mundu and vala used by Mohanlal in this movie has hit the markets (Read More)

Poonam Bajwa’s item dance song Po Mone Dinesha is very enjoyable in theaters and everyone is dancing with Lalettan.

Viewers Rating for Peruchazhi

This is an absolute entertainer and 4 / 5 rating is presently given as per first responses.

Poonam Bajwa is a south indian hot actress who has acted in hot roles in tamil, malayalam movies.

Poonam Bajwa has done an item song dance for the movie Peruchazhi.

The mundu blouse glamour photos of Indian actress Poonam Bajw looks really sizzling hot.

Ragini Nandwani is the heroine of the malayalam movie Peruchazhi in which actor Mohanlal was the hero.

There is a wonderful collection of old movie songs of Mohanlal.

These are prepared with actress dressed up as the heroines of his old movies.

These scenes are from mohanlal’s old film Thoovanathumbikal with Sumalatha.

To recreate the song in this film actress Ragini Nandwani dresses up like Sumalatha , in lungi blouse.

And the most romantic scene is Mohanlal and Ragini Nandwani walking through the beach and we can see him kicking her back.

We have updated the high quality photos of Mohanlal kicking the back of Peruchazhi actress Ragini Nandwani. Mohanlal and Ragini Nandwani starring movie Peruchazhi was a good film with lot of memorable romantic scenes.

Peruchazhy (Peruchazhi) is the malayalam cinema released in 2014. Among them , the Lungi Blouse Photos of malayalam actress Ragini Nandwani , imitating Sumalatha in Thoovanathumbikal was really gorgeous.

Peruchazhi actress Ragini Nandwani looked really hot when she was wearing lungi blouse like fisherwomen and walked through the sea shores.

Also the romantic scenes between Ragini Nandwani and Mohanlal was really sizzling. This is a photo of malayalam, tamil actress Poonam Bajwa during a glamor song shooting from the sets of the new mohanlal movie “Peruchazhi”.

Actress Poonam Bajwa is in the middle positonin the phot, with other foreign dancers. The malayalam song “Po Mone Dinesha” from the movie Peruchazhy is already a hit.

Peruchazhi is the latest malayalam movie of Mohanlal which is a big budget one which was completed in Kerala and America. The Peruchazhy movie of Mohanlal comes as an Onam release.

Before the release of this cinema, the Mundu and Vala used by Mohanlal for the movie Peruchazhi has become a hit.

MCR is releasing this mundu (dhoties) and is available at all shops for malayali’s to enjoy Lalettan’s new mundu style in this Onam season. The design of this mundu was by Preethi Kanthan based upon a Roman design which was used by Caesar.