Priyamani Musthafa wedding news actress priyamani love marriage photos

Tamil, Malayalam actress Priyamani Musthafa wedding event was held at a register office in Bangalore. this was an unexpected thing for her fans who expected a star studded marriage ceremony.

Actress Priyamani an Musthafa Raj were in love affair for past 5 years. Their love affair started during an IPL event. Mustafa was a business man and has event management company.

Register marriage photos of actress Priyamani and Mustafa Raj is now trending everywhere in social media. A grand wedding reception will bearranged for actors, actress in film industry.

Register marriage of Priyamani with Musthafa was held at register office in Jayangar in Bengaluru on 23-8-2017. Only close relatives, friends of Priyamani and Musthafa took part in this ceremony.

They decided to go for a register marriage because they were from two different religions.