Malayalam serial actress Rathrimazha fame Sini Prasad Karthiyayini Lungi Blouse Photos

Rathrimazha is a popular malayalam TV serial in Flowers channel in Kerala. Actress Sini Prasad character in Rathrimazha serial is popular among audience. She is a very gorgeous actress who does role of character Kallu Karthiyayini. Rathrimazha actress Lungi blouse costume is matching her correctly for her appearance as Karthiyayini in this serial.

Serial actress Sini Prasad has done similar roles in Malayalam movies before. In movie Bhramaram, actress Sini Prasad acted in role of a call-girl and in a scene actor Mohanlal pushes her out of an auto rickshaw. Even if it was a small scene, career of Sini Prasad changed after acting in that movie. In Rathri Mazha serial character of actress Sini Prasad is that of Karthiyayini who is a village lady who runs a hotel.

In Malayalam serial Rathri Mazha we can see actress Sini Prasad dresed up in village dress like Lungi Blouse and Thorthu. This dress is commonly used by women of Kerala in village areas. Character of actress Sini Prasad is that of Karthiyayini who is also known as Kallu Karthiyayini.

Expressions of Karthiyayini fame Sini Prasad in Rathri Mazha serial is very engaging to audience. After few episodes itself all viewers were interested in her character.

This serial was earlier a novel in Malayala Manorama weekly magazine.

Rathrimazha actress Lungi blouse character

Rathrimazha actress Lungi blouse still

Many people who saw Rathrimazha serial got interested to know about her profile and her movies. Malayalam serial actress Rathrimazha fame Sini Prasad role as Karthiyayini is an awesome gorgeous one. We can see actress Karthiyayini fame Sini Prasad dressed in Lungi Blouse which makes her look appropriate for this character role.

Rathrimazha serial is a Malayalam TV serial in Flowers TV channel, which is based on a Malayala Manorama novel with same name.