Serial Actress Dimple Rose Marriage Photos Dimple Rose Wedding Reception

Malayalam television serial actress Dimple Rose marriage was on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 with Anson Francis. Dimple Rose – Anson Francis got married at Our Lady of Snow Basilica church in Ernakulam. Actress Dimple Rose marriage ceremony was held in presence of other celebrities in Malayalam tv serial industry. Dimple Rose’s friend Meghna Vincent is going to get married on 30 April 2017 with Dimple Rose’s brother.

Kerala serial actress Dimple Rose and Anson Francis wedding was held at Our Lady of Snow Basilica church in Ernakulam at evening 3.30 pm on 26/4/2017. Betrothal function of Dimple Rose – Anson Francis was held on Saturday, 22 April 2017 at Puzhayoram International Convention Centre at Thrissur. At the same venue on the same day Dimple Rose’s brother engagement with Chandana Mazha fame actress Meghna Vincent was also done. Serial actress Dimple Rose marriage function was one of the most awaited one and it happened on 26-4-2017.

Both Dimple Rose, Meghna Vincent engagement was done earlier. Few months back a grand engagement function was held in which both Dimple Rose, Meghna Vincent appeared wearing traditional Christian dress of chattayum mundum. This was a great event and every one liked the appearance of these two Kerala tv serial actresses in chattayum mundum dress for engagement occasion. So when wedding and engagement news of Meghna Vincent, Dimple Rose came out every one expected another traditional style marriage. But both of them appeared wearing Saree blouse for engagement, wedding ceremony.

  Serial Actress Dimple Rose Marriage

Malayalam actresses Dimple Rose and Meghna Vincent are new comers in Malayalam serial industry and they are very good friends. Now both of them are united into one family.

It’s because actress Meghna Vincent is marrying Dimple Rose’s brother Don Tony and coming to Dimple’s house.

Dimple Rose brother Don Tony wedding is with Chandanamazha fame serial actress. Meghna Vincent is also an actress of Parankimala remake film.

Meghna Vincent – Don Tony wedding is on Sunday, 30th April 2017.

Dimple Rose – Anson Francis wedding is on Wednesday, 26th April 2017.