Sthreedhanam veni fame serial actress sonu wedding photos, reception

On Thursday, 31 August 2017 Sthreedhanam Veni fame serial actress Sonu wedding was held at Guruvayur Temple in Kerala. Only close friends and relatives are attended marriage function of actress Sonu Satheesh Kumar which was held in Guruvayoor. A marriage reception will be held at Thiruvananthapuram in which lot of Malayalam television serial actress, actress will attend.

Sthreedhanam is a popular Malayalam television serial shown in Asianet Channel for past few years. Character of Veni is familiar and like by everyone even though she does a negative role in Sthreedhanam serial.

It will be a new information to many fans of serial actress Sonu Satheesh that this is a second marriage for her. So who was first husband of Sonu Satheesh who played role of character Veni in Streedhanam serial in Asianet. It was actor Adithyan Jayan who is a relative of old Kerala actor Jayan.

Actress Sonu Satheesh got married to Ajay who is a native of Andhra Pradesh on 31-8-2017 at Guuvayoor. Ajay is working at Bangalore as an IT Engineer. Will actress Sonu Satheesh stop acting in serials after her marriage is asked by her fans.

Kerala Serial actress Sonu wedding video, stills

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Marriage video of actress Sonu Satheesh

Malayalam serial actor who is popularly known as Adithyan Jayan is the first husband of actress Sonu Satheesh. Actor Adityan was son of popular Malayalam actor Jayan’s sister. There was a lot of problems between Sonu Satheesh and Adityan which led to many issues. Based on a complaint by actress on Sonu Satheesh, actor Adityan was taken into police custody and later left on bail.

This complaint was given when Adithyan was not ready to give divorce to actress Sonu Satheesh. Later she got divorced from him and started her career in TV serials. Presently she is a well-known actress in Malayalam television serial industry through serials like a Sthreedhanam, Guruvayoorappan.