Malayalam, Tamil Actress Shanthi Krishna Divorce

Malayalam actress Shanthi Krishna is planning divorce, this was the news that is viral in social media in June 2015. Shanthi Krishna divorce happened few years back. There were recent reports that actress Shanthi Krishna is planning to come back to acting and later her divorce news have started coming out. Anyway more details regarding the Shanthi Krishna Divorce will be updated soon and till a official confirmation is received about it, it is just a gossip about Shanthi Krishna.

This is second marriage of her and earlier Shanthi Krishna had divorced her first husband. Now she was living with her second husband Bajor Sadasivan who is the MD of Rajeev Gandhi Group of Institutions in Bengaluru. What could have been the cause of divorce, because she was leading a happy life in her new life with child, husband. Is it because she decided to come back to acting in movies, serials. South Indian actress Shanthi Krishna is popular in most film industries of South like Kollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood. Actress Shanthi Krishna is presently aged 52 years and life of this celebrity is full of problems.

Shanthi Krishna family life was not happy. Due to that lot of problems arose between them. Reports that second divorce of actress Shanthi Krishna will happen has been heard. Now it’s confirmed that actress Shanthi Krishna has divorced her husband. Name of first husband of Shanthi Krishna is Sreenath who was a malayalam actor. S. Bajore is second husband of actress Shanthi Krishna. Children of actress Shanthi Krishna are Mithali, Mithul.

Actress Shanthi Krishna is aiming for a come back to Mollywood after a long gap. Now mother roles in movies are done by actresses like Aha Sarath, which were earlier done by artistes like Shanthi Krishna with perfection.

Latest Malayalam movie in which actress Shanthi Krishna is acting after divorce is Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela.
Before that her last film was Karppooradeepam released in 2012. First film of actress Shanthi krishna is Shalini Ente Koottukari.