Malayalam Actress Shritha Sivadas Deepak Nambiar Wedding Photos Reception

Kerala actress Shritha Sivadas got married on Monday, 7 July 2014. Shritha Sivadas wedding photos from the function looks nice. Shritha Sivadas is a Kerala actress and singer who is the “Ordinary” fame heroine who is know as Gavi girl and also did a malayalam music album “Love Policy” with Aju Varghese and she was the singer. Shritha Shivadas was in love with Deepak Nambiar and later their love was accepted by their families, who decided to do their marriage. Deepak Nambiar is an engineer in Dubai and also does music for tv shows and in stage performances and did also won award from MTV.

The engagement function of Shritha Sivadas, Deepak Nambiar was held in Aluva (Alwaye). Marriage date of Shritha Sivadas wasbe on 7-7-2014 at the wedding venue in Ernakulam. Kerala movie actress Shritha Sivadas wedding was on Monday, 7 July 2014 at Ernakulam. Shritha Shivadas the Ordinary fame actress got married to Deepak Nambiar , with whom she was in love affair for past one year. Deepak Nambiar a software engineer in Dubai and is also is popular for doing music in tv shows, events.etc.  Malayalam actress Shritha Sivadas is known as the Gavi girl after she acted in the cinema ‘Ordinary’.

The marriage of Shritha Shivadas with Deepak Nambiar wa on Monday, 7 July 2014 at Ernakulam. There will be a wedding reception for relatives,friends , co-artistes from film industry. Shritha Sivadas was in love with Deepak Nambiar and this led to an arranged love marriage between them, based on the decision of both of their families.

Deepak Nambiar is known to everyone as he had done music for tv programs and shows.

Marriage ceremony of Ordinary fame actress Shritha Sivadas with Deepak Nambiar was held on Monday 7 July 2014 (07-07-14) at Ernakulam.

South Actress Shritha Sivadas Wedding

Marriage Photo of actress Shritha Sivadas with Deepak Nambiar.

Shritha Sivadas wedding photosMarriage ceremony of Sritha Shivadas and Deepak Nambiar will take place at Ernakulam in July 2014. Deepak Nambiar does music shows in tv channels and in stages.

Shritha Shivadas confirmed that she will act in movies even after wedding. Before marriage actress Shritha Sivadas has acted in the movie Koothara and after marriage she will act in the malayalam cinema Blue by Director Venu Nair.

Shritha Sivadas is a malayalam movie actress and model. The marriage of  Shritha Shivadas is fixed and will be in 2014. Malayali’s like traditional saree wearing beauties and Shritha Sivadas will be a great entertainment for everyone, when she is posing in set saree.

Shritha Sivadas came to acting through the film Ordinary as heroine of Kunchakko Boban. Engagement function of malayalam actress Shritha Sivadas with Deepak Nambiar was held at her native place in Aluva. The engagement of Shritha Sivadas at Aluva was done as a private function and only family members and close friends attended.

Actress Shritha Sivadas and Deepak Nambiar’s wedding is a love – arranged marriage.