Sreeya Ramesh Malayalam Serial Actress Complaint, Arrest

Who is Sreeya Ramesh, is she a malayalam actress. Sreeya Ramesh Malayalam actress has been popular nowadays. Which serials or movies in Mollywood did she act. This was the main question asked by all regarding Sreeya Ramesh. Sreeya Ramesh was not even known to people other than those who were watching Malayan tv serials. Eventhough lot of people watch serials they do not know the names of supporting malayalam actresses in many roles. Actress Sreeya Ramesh photos in traditional saree, mundu neriyathu makes her look gorgeous.Along with this there has also been a recent controversy when one of her photos was circulating in Whatsapp, Facebook saying that she was having relation with a politician.

But she replied in Facebook saying that it was a fake news and it was only her standing with Producer of her new malayaalm cinema. So this incident has made her more popular and more people are getting to know her name and details regarding which films, serials she is acting. Sreeya Ramesh has acted in the Malayalam movie Ennum Eppozhum.She also acted in the Malayalam tv serials like Mayamohini in Mazhavil Manorama, Ezhu Rathrikal in Asianet channel. etc. Malayalam Actress Sreeya Remesh is married to Remesh Nair and they have a son and daughter. In these photos we can see some of the best photos of actress Sreeya Ramesh and she looks more beautiful when she is dressed in traditional set saree or mundu neriyathu. Dresses like these are the Traditional costumes of Kerala and she looks like a traditional beauty when dressed in it.

Traditional Saree Photos of  actress Sreeya Remesh in which she is wearing Set Saree, Kerala saree, mundu neriyathu. etc. look gorgeous and attractive.

The person who took the photograph was Subin Sursh who was the Assistant of Producer. The photo got ;eaked when Subin send this photo of actress Sreeya Ramesh to his friends abroad. Later it got viral, saying that it was with a politician she was standing and posing.

This fake news became controversial and based on it she filed complaint with Police and the arrest was made.

Many of these photos of Sreeya Remesh has been taken while she was on shooting locations with other actors.

Even though the recent controversy of her leaked photos has affected her and she had given a case against it.But soon she will become a popular actress in Kerala, because lot of people will come to know about her and she will get good chances in acting movies also. Sreeya Remesh has acted in malayalam films earlier in small roles. In malayalam serial Mayamohini, actress Sreeya Ramesh is doing the role of a Police officer and from that time everyone has ben asking about her name, which means she was noticed by audience.

The name Sreeya Remesh is having news importance. In March 2016, she had filed a complaint that her photos were being misused by some people saying that she was having connection with Ex-Minister Jose Thettayil. Based on her complaint with Cyber Police , the person who took her photo was traced and was taken into custody. The person with whom actress Sreeya remesh was standing was the Producer of her malayalam movie “Azeezia”.

Sreeya Ramesh is also a television serial actress who acted in supporting roles in many tv serials in malayalam channels.