Malayalam serial actress Deepa Jayan photos Sthreedhanam fame Prema

Sthreedhanam serial is a popular Asianet mega serial enjoyed by lakhs of audience. In this Malayalam serial ‘Sthreedhanam’ we can see actress Deepa Jayan in role of Prema. Sthreedhanam fame Deepa Jayan is an interesting character in this serial who comes in role of Sethulekshmy’s daughter.

As most people in Kerala watch this popular Malayalam serial Sthreedhanam they will all know this actress Deepa Jayan too.

Serial actress Deepa Jayan is a native of Malayinkeezhu in Thiruvananthapuram. Actress Deepa Jayan is not married. Recently Deepa Jayan posted photo of her with a child in Facebook. This made everyone ask whether Deepa Jayan is married and is it her son.

Child in selfie with Deepa Jayan is from Asianet serial Sthreedhanam in which she is acting.

Sthreedhanam fame Deepa Jayan

Sthreedhanam fame Deepa Jayan photo

Deepa Jayan is now a popular actress in Kerala through her role as Prema in Asianet channel’s Sthreedhanam. She has earlier acted in a serial Nilavilakku shown in Surya TV channel.