Sthreedhanam Serial Actress Lungi Blouse Sonu Satheesh as Veni Photos

Sthreedhanam Serial is one of the popular tv serials in Asianet channel. Malayalam serial actress Sonu Satheesh, Mathi Suku wife Shantha and Chala Mary wearing Lungi Blouse and thorthu is awesome. Sthreedhanam serial actress in traditional seashore fishing dress used in Kerala looks awesome.

These are photos of malayalam actresses in Sthreedhanam Serial including Sonu Satheesh looking gorgeous and attractive in this traditional Kerala fish selling woman costumes.

These scenes are from the latest episodes of Sthreedhanam serial. Actress Sonu Satheesh Kumar does the role of Veni in this serial. The Veni role is that of a negative character who tries to make problems always. But now these characters are experiencing problems in life and we could see them having to dress like fisher-woman and wear lungi blouse.  Sthreedhanam is a popular Asianet serial and scenes like this has made it funny. This was actually a comedy scene with these characters going to sell fishes.

Sthreddhanam fame Sonu Satheesh, Shalu Kurian are the most popular in Kerala channels.

Malayalam tv serials are trying to be different every now and then.

Sthreedhanam Serial Actress Lungi Blouse Photos

South Indian Movie Actress Sujibala in Fisherwoman Dress

Anjukku Onnu in a tamil movie of actress Suji Bala. In this movie there is a gorgeous item song of actress Suji Bala.

The spicy looking photos of actress Suji Bala from the cinema Anjukku Onnu as a Fisherwoman looks gorgeous.
Actress Suji Bala appears like a Fisher woman wearing saree and sleeveless blouse.