Rani Larius Lungi Blouse Iruvattam Manavatti Movie Actress

Iruvattam Manavatti is a malayalam cinema of actor Kunchakko Boban and Kavya Madhavan in lead roles. In this cinema another actors included Harisree Ashokan, Indrans, Cochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar in commedy roles. Rani Larius Malayalam actress Rani Larius has acted in few scenes in this malayalam movie Iruvattam Manavatty.

Rani Larius is an extra actress doing small roles in malayalam films. In this movie actress Rani Larius is wearing the kerala costumes like lungi bloue and mundu thorthu in which she looks gorgeous. Recently she is not acting in mollwood films. Her son has acted in main role in the movie Little Superman 3D of Director Vinayan.

The Lungi Blouse pics of Rani Laurius is awesome in the film Iruvattam Manavatti and there are many hot scenes of her in this film , but most are mixed with commedy in it. In his film she did the role of Rathnamma. Actually Rani is from Alappuzha district in Kerala. Extra actress Rani Larius is not seen in Malayalam films that are recently released. It is because when lot of new actress come to Mollywood, there will be tough competition between artistes.

Actress like Rani Laurius are talented ones eve if they are appearing in guest or supporting roles in movies.

Malayalam film, serial actress Neena Kurup is living alone with her dearest daughter Pavithra Kurup and settled abroad.

Extra Actress Rani Larius Lungi Blouse Photos

Actress Neena Kurup and Daughter Pavithra

Actress Nina Kurup is back to acting and her latest malayalam movie is Ore Mukham.

Recently in 2014 April, actress Neena Kurup and daughter Pavithra Kurup have been in vacation to Kerala.

Actress Nina Kurup has also gone to Athirapally Waterfalls and house boat journey in Alappuzha.

Spicy Photos of Mini Richard Lukose Malayalam Actress

Mini Richard Lukose is a malayalam actress and model who is settled abroad in California. Mini Richard photos from her modelling photo sessions, movies is sizzling. She is considered to be one of the hottest Kerala actress who does self promotion through Facebook. Malayalam album song by Mini Richard titled as “Mazhayil” has broken all records of recent albums. It has become popular with negative publicity. It has lot of glamour scenes of actress Mini Richard in towel and saree like dress. There had been lot of controversies after she acted in this album with a young hero.

Mini Richard got the role in Malayalam movie Parankimala. She was famous in FB and used to post the glamorous photos of herself, dedicating it to her fans.  Recently she has released some spicy photos for Vishu, Easter and for weekends. These are gorgeous and Mini Richard, the Kottayam native NRI beauty’s poses in saree blouse makes her fan base increasing. Mini Richard is also into charity and has offered to donate Rs 1 for each like she gets and she recently gave about Rs.1 lakh to a disabled person in Kerala to get new wheelchair.

The release date of Parankimala was on Friday 21 March 2014.Malayalam movie Parankimala is the remake of an old film that came up 30 years before. These are the recent photographs of Mini Richard who is an NRI model and actress from Kerala. Malayalam actress Mini Richard looks gorgeous wearing a modern looking Blue Tshirt and skirt looking awesome. Mini Richard is a Mallu NRI model and actress from Kerala. Kerala super model and Malayalam actress Mini Richard is now at the tourist destination Thekkady. She has just posted a photo of her enjoying the beauty of Thekkady. Mini Richard had recently acted in the mollywood remake of Parankimala.

Mini Richard is a model with a good exposure to film industry and modelling. She is a self made model who made her self popular through social media. Through this she got chances to act in movies.

In few malayalam films actress Mini Richard has acted like her role in Parankimala remake movie.

The Saree wearing without blouse photo of actress Mini Richard looks really gorgeous. Mini Richard looks spicy in saree and she is awesome in this snap.

Mini Richard is a malayalam extra actress and this photo gallery shows her wearing traditional kerala dress like mundu, lungi blouse.etc.

Malayalam Actress Mini Richard Photos

Actress Mini Richard looks slim and young in this photo where she is wearing jeans and thirst sitting and posing for the photo.

In album song Mazhayil there are many hot appearances of Mini Richard which has been justified by her. She said that she is not feeling any mistake in doing such a album.

Mini Richard Album song – Mazhayil


Mini Richard Parankimala fame wearing Kerala set saree during on Onam festival occasion.

If you want to be her friend and follow her, her profile page is at https://www.facebook.com/minimol.lukoserajan

and if you are a fan you can like the Facebook page of Mini Richard at https://www.facebook.com/ActressMiniRichard

While wearing mundu blouse, the actress Mini Richard looks like a malayali thampuratty. And in the photos of Mini Richard wearing lungi blouse she is looking like a fisher woman, fish selling women or meenkari.
Mini Richard is the extra actress in the malayalam movie Parankimala. In the cinema Parankimala actress Mini Richard looks really gorgeous dressed in Lungi Blouse and Thorthu.

Actress Mini Richard Lukose is doing a role in the new Parankimala. She looks spicy and attractive in lungi and blouse like dress. Mini Richard is the actress who became famous through her Facebook page.

South Extra Actress Minu Kurian Photos

Minu Kurian is popular as an extra actress in Malayalam , Tamil movies. Minu Kurian photos from latest movies are looking gorgeous. The latest movie of actress Minu Kurian in tamil was Pullukattu Muthamma in which she did a title role. Photos of actress Minu Kurian dressed in saree blouse and thorthu looking spicy is awesome in this photo gallery. These are some photos of actress Minu Kurian during the shooting of this movie.

Actress Minu Kurian looks gorgeous in this photo where she is wearing a traditional Kerala set mundu / saree with matching red blouse. Actress Minu Kurian has also acted in malayalam tv serials, including action roles. In malayalam movies she had did spicy roles and is a gorgeous celebrity from Kerala.

Minu Kurian is a malayalam model and extra actress from Kerala. This is a recent photo of actress Minu Kurian in saree and blouse looking gorgeous.
Minu Kurian is a gorgeous South Indian movie actress and is popular in Malayalam and Tamil movies. Actress Minu Kurian is from Kerala.The Indian extra actress Minu Kurian’s saree blouse photos looks attractive and spicy.
In this photo session we can see actress Minu Kurian showing her Gorgeous figure and saree which makes her look amazing.

In the malayalam movie Nadakame Ulakam actress minu Kurian acted as a pot seller woman.

Photos of actress Minu Kurian dressed in lungi blouse thorthu makes her more gorgeous. Actress Minu Kurian wearing Jeans Tshirt looks really gorgeous.

Kerala Actress Minu Kurian Photos

Minu Kurian is a malayalam extra actress who is popular in FB. This is a photo of actress Minu Kurian wearing a Burqa / Pardhalooking like a muslim actress. Minu Kurian is a Kerala based extra actress. Minu Kurian has acted in lot of tamil, malayalam movies in supporting roles.
Minu Kurian is a South Indian actress who acted in item songs and in many small glamour roles in tv  serials and in malayalam movies. Recently in 2014 she had acted in a tamil movie called Pullukattu Muthamma. Minu Kurian is a beautiful malayalam actress who is always in extra actress roles in malayalam and tamil movies.
Minu Kurian has acted in lot of movies and is know for her performance in glamour item roles. Minu Kurian is an extra actress in malayalam and tamil movies. The fat masala looking figure of actress Minu Kurian helps her in getting small roles in movies.