Manjurukum Kaalam Rathnamma Actress Manju Satheesh Photos

Manju Satheesh is the new malayalam actress who does the role of Rathnamma at present in the serial Manjurukum Kaalam which is being telecast in Mazhavil Manorama channel for past many months.

Manjurukum Kaalam Rathnamma is one of the best negative roles in Malayalam serials. Before Manju Satheesh acted as Rathnamma in the serial Manjurukum Kaalam, this role was done by another actress. Even though Manju Satheesh did many roles she is popularly known as Manjurukum Kalam Rathnamma. She is doing this role more powerfully than Lavanya Nair, who appeared in this role in first half of this serial.

It was actress Lavanya Nair who acted as the character Rathnamma in Manjurukum Kalam serial. Manju Satheesh photos as Janikutty’s second mother in this Mazhavil Manorama serial is attractive and her performance is also appreciable. Manju Satheesh is a Malayaalm Movie and serial actress.

She acted as Nazriya Nazim’s mother in movie Ohm Shanthi Oshana. Even though she acTed in many other movies, this role by Manju Satheesh is noticed by audience.

First Malayalam cinema of Manju Satheesh is Sargavasantham. Later she acted in Dileep’s movie Sallapam. Other films of Manju Satheesh are Thoovalkkottaram, Crazy Gopalan, Pappy Appacha, Naalu Pennungal, Karyasthan.

Manjurukum Kaalam Rathnamma role by Manju Satheesh

Manju Satheesh Manjurukum Kaalam Rathnamma Stills

Photos of actress Manju Satheesh as Rathnamma wearing Nighty (nighties), Saree dress looks gorgeous and she is an attractive face in malayalam tv serials industry.

Manjurukum Kalam serial is from Director Binu Vellathooval based on the novel by Joycee, based on the publishing’s in Malayalam Manorama magazine few years back.

Thapasya is her first serial in Malayalam which was telecast in Doordarshan Malayalam channel. Other Televisions serials of actress Manju Satheesh are Amala, Balamani, Deshadanapakshi, Bhagyalakshmy, Malakhamar. Rathnamma role by Manju Satheesh will be most popular role by Manju Satheesh in her serial career.

Serial Actress Rekha Mohan Passed News Sthreejanmam, Mayamma, Udhyanapalakan

Sthreejanmam Malayalam serial fame actress Rekha Mohan was found from her flat in Thrissur on Saturday, 12 November 2016. Rekha Mohan Malayalam actress was aged 45 years when she passed on 7-11-2016. How did actress Rekha Mohan passed is a mysterious thing till now. Investigation is going on by Police at Thrissur and they informed that this incident occurred 4 days before.

News about Rekha Mohan Malayalam actress who left all of us is still unbelievable to everyone. There was no one else staying with her in flat at Shoba City in Thrissur. Actress Rekha Mohan’s husband is abroad, who was trying to contact her for past 2 days. As she did not pick up phone, he informed security officer to find out what happened. They rang calling bell of flat which was locked from inside and there was no response. They informed Police and based on breaking up door, they found Rekha Mohan in a sitting position at dining table.

Neighbors at Shobha City thought she was away for shooting for movies, when they did not see her for past few days. This was why no one got suspicious of her not being seen outside. It was common for her to go for shootings for few days. Mayamma and Sthreejanmam are popular tv serials done by actress Rekha Mohan. She was doing small roles in various programs. Information regarding this is not available with anyone because these are unnoticed by everyone. Udhyana Palakan is a malayalam cinema in which actress Rekha Mohan acted before becoming popular.

In this movie Udhyana Palakan actress Rekha Mohan did role of sister of Mammootty. In few other films also Rekha Mohan acted which are Nee Varuvolam in Dileep movie.

Rekha Mohan also acted in cinema Oru Yathramozhi which was a Mohanlal movie. Even though she did good roles in film, her entry to film industry was not successful.

Rekha Mohan’s aim to succeed in serial industry was showing good signs when she acted in Mayamma, Sthree Janmam serials. But chances that she got became less.

When new actresses from South India came to Kerala to act in serials, chances for many actress like Rekha Mohan started coming down. Name of Kerala actress Rekha’s husband is Mohan.

Rekha and husband Mohan did not have any children. She was depressed when she came to know about cancer disease which was affecting her. Along with this loss of career opportunities in acting industry also increased her tensions

Telugu Actress Suguna Passed Reason Sun Music Anchor Saparnaa Anand

Sun Music Anchor Saparnaa Anand is popular among people of Tamilnadu. She did anchoring for tv shows during start of her career. When she went to acting in Telugu movies she got the name Suguna. On 11-11-2016 Telugu actress Suguna passed news came out which shocked all her fans. South Indian actress Saparnaa Anand also known as Suguna was familiar to audience of Kerala through performances in tv serials like Harichandanam, Mayamohini.

What are reasons for Telugu actress Suguna to say bye to this world suddenly. It was thought that Suguna did it by herself. Later as Police investigation proceeded further more evidences were received. Body of actress Suguna did not have any clothes, showing signs that force was used on her. Based on finger pints there was signs that at least 4 persons had come to this house.

It was said that actress Suguna was in a depression stage because she was not getting any chances to act in movies. Also Suguna was said to have a breakup in love affair. No confirmation is available regarding what actually happened. Actress Sabarna Anand’s father said that she will never end her life, because she is a psychological student who knows how to control emotions. Sabarnaa Anand incident was revealed to everyone when a bad smell started coming out of her house in Chennai. She was staying alone and so no one was there to check about her missing for few days. On breaking into house Police, found body of actress Suguna and started investigating on evidence. There is criticizing that Police is not doing correct investigation about this case. Actress Suguna is said to have some connection with a Malayalam tv serial actor. This relation is believed to start when she came to Kerala to act in a Malayalam serial “Mayamohini”.

Did breakup of this relationship affected actress Suguna badly.

Mayamohini fame actress Sabarna Anand acted in a double role in this serial. She did characters of Urmila and Unnikrishnanan in Mayamohini serial.

This serial was popular among audience of Kerala for a long time. Tamil actress Saparnaa Anand (Suguna) was staying at her house located at Maduravoyal in Chennai.

Suguna Sun Music Anchor Pics

Tamil movies of her were Poojai, Kalai, Pirivom Sandipom, Padikkathavan.

Number of chances that actress Suguna got recently was becoming less. She complained of these problems in South Indian film industry, where actresses loss chance when they get older, while actors continue to get chances.

First Malayalam Tv serial of Sabarna Anand is Harichandanam. In this she acted in a negative role with another Sun Music anchor Mahalaksmi who did role of Rose.

She anchored many shows like Pudhu Kavidhai, Pasamalar and was popular in Tamil television channels.